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AVhile at times these very urgent cases will get better without operation, yet in my experience this is the exception. Review - fURTHER REMARKS ON" THE SELF-RETAINING PALATE HOOK; INCLUDING IT.S Surgeon to the Briglitou.idcI Sussex Throat and Ear Hospital; President of tlie Brigtiton and Sussex Medico-Cliirurgical Society. This is composed of a series of cottage homes, accommodating about eighty patients, wlm ari' mostly fnmi the families of the poor, and wlio must be maintained and educated at a second epileptic retreat has been inaugurated; but whether for children or adults, for charitA' or for pay-patients, the scope and details of the undertaking are not known. After assuring myself that the peritoneal cavity was entirely free from any foreign matter, I closed the incision, dressed the wound, and returned the patient to bed. - but the left lung was extensivelj' diseased, and had been functionally incapable for months, and the patient had, in fact, been for months entirely dependent on his healthy right lung. To arrest acute nephritis and renal dropsy, he enveloped the body with a fiaxseed-meal poultice covered with oil-silk. The Pacific coast is situated upon the northern end of a legit W. F urthermore, the degree of activity varied greatly among patients who had similar pathologic lesions and even in the same patient from day to day. In chronic cases notliing will do more good than a good, free bleeding. There can be no doubt that this accident occurs often in cases under the charge of midwives and, I am sorry to say, in the hands of many physicians who do not, at the time, recognize the lesion. The weekly reports from nearly every disease, and greatly lessened from fevers and from diarrhoeal and other diseases, believed to be especially influenced by sanitary conditions; and this is true notwithstanding the meteorological conditions in that month were rather more than usually unfavorable to health.

In clinical teaching, moreover, the change is great. The same reasoning can be applied to lipodystrophia actinomycosis, and other lesions that have a predilection for the cecum are ruled out by their distribution, character of the stools, biopsy findings, and observations at proctosigmoidoscopy.


The constant presence of the streptococcus, which may be the direct cause of the inflammatory lesions of the mouth and pharynx, cervical lymph nodes, and probably of the secondary complications, as the heart, kidneys, and other tissues. Five patients named their wives as one of the contacts. He administered quinine per rectum and morphine hypodermically, and employed counter-irritation over the abdomen. The lower incisors are frequently pegged and the canines more pointed than normal. But you will find in most of the text-books various"causes" mentioned in connection with separate diseases. Generales, Chairman New York Vernon Weinstein, Chairman. The only county in New York State with Comity in Buffalo, the Lackawanna area. By nine minutes following the injury there was coherent speech, appreciation of surroundings, return of tendon reflexes, and flexor response twenty hours there was complete recovery except for tenderness of the forehead. Goldberger then made a searching study of the life history of the pellagrins, and he found that all of them were poor, that their diets were of the meanest sort, and that they all ate practically the same types of food.

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