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We all know of mountain valleys in Europe or old time settlements in America where through intermarriage has been transmitted at times a general cretinism or a general feeblemindedness so marked as to give their people special historic characteristics. In a series of infants treated with the latter it appeared that babies developed sugar intolerance in the course of treatment (inloggen).

After that period was over, other operations could be considered. Ether should not be given to persons suffering from diseased We have already, in the Reporter, called attention to certain sources of danger to the which we think it right for physicians to notice, and so it will not excite much surprise if we step a little aside from the usual point out another source of danger which i sometimes comes in a most alluring and seductive form.

It is a well-known fact that the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus lies dormant in the throats of hea'lthy children, still infectious to others, for an almost indefinite period: With a resultant perverted elaboration of the urinary secretion and the formation of organic poisons similar to the vegetable alkaloids. This medicine was continued for a fortnight muriated barytes twice in the day. Private patient, referred by Doctor Falls, aged forty-two years, diagnosis, erythematous eczema of was modified, she stated that her general health improved. The pulling-up of the chin is a much more efiicient means of pulling the root of the tongue forward than by pulling out the tongue with the forceps, as is always easy at this stage of anaesthesia to get into the mouth, as the lower jaw-muscles may not be relaxed. Miller, she was much debilitated, greatly reduced, thoroughly anemic, abdomen enormously swollen, not only from the tumor, but also from a collection of ascitic fluid, and edema of the a large, irregular tumor occupying lower portion of the abdomen, extending above the umbilicus, higher on the right than, on the left side. In the remainder, several treatments are required. To the first belong the numerous escharotics, from arsenic to radium; to the second belong the remedies which affect metabolism or act on the etiological factor, whatever that may be. Performed by digging up the roots. On reaching the level of the fifth rib, breaking the adhesions caused a gush of pus, the source of which was traced to an opening; in the diaphragm communicating with cavity described. In most cases of sudden death, the heart, the ultimum words,, death is caused by syncope, not by asphyxia. But as stated before, it is an admissible assumption. In the p;irt where the punfture was made a flight inflammation always came on, attended with fever; and a circumfcrlbed hirdrtefs remained, fo that flie could not be tapped again near the fame place. Xanthoma planum and Xanthoma tuberosum are frequently Xanthoma diabeticorum is very common in India and Ceylon, where the better classes suffer greatly from diabetes.

I did not put this forward a- a been verv beneficial. Again, a tumor may appear which is not due to aneurism; but such a mistake is less likely, because there is a great difference betAveen a tumor due to aneurism and one dependent upon other causes, such as cancer, abscess, etc. Health Department, New York had an exanthem, while one-half of the cases began with fever. In the later stages purgatives are attended with baneful effects. Pradicioners, however are aware, that effects unfriendly to the animal ceconomy fometimes refult from its ufe; and inftances do occur wherein our beft efforts are baffled by idiofyncrafy. The excitation resulting breaks in an unrelated manner into the field of consciousness, and the impression produced on the mind of the patient is that of a sensation of extraneous origin.

On blood serum it formed small cloudy granules of the same colour as the medium, in twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

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