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Students completing the course of study to the satisfaction of the faculty of the college, are entitled to receive the baccalaureate degree. Medical men have not awakened to their unusual opportunities in promoting health legislation.

Used thus the cold bath is a powerful means of promoting vital resistance and maintaining the integrity of the body. There was a considerable nodular thickening of the skin of the back of the neck at the level of the lower margin of the scalp. The most popular di rect operation of this type involves direct anastomosis of a vein graft to the coronary arteries and was accomplished independently This operation which places a saphenous vein graft between the ascending aorta and the distal coronary artery to bypass proximal ob struction has been extensively used in many medical centers in numbers presently in excess from large series are shown in Table I (resultado). If the abscess is well defined to one side the skin incision may be made parallel to the fibers of the txtemal sphincters but well away from the anus. What may be done for poor circulation? A.

The Children's meeting at the International Congress was of quite the same nature, it was of interest in its bearing. The deep felt spirit of Independence Day was everywhere manifest in a serious declaration of devotion to this country, in a pledging of allegiance to the flag and the institutions for which it stands. It is well known that in tuberculous arthritisr w'hen the posterior ligament is destroyed, the leg goes backwards. These entertainments are strictly high grade, and furnish a pleasant relaxation from school work, as well as mental stimulus. The stomach and lungs exhibit exames frequent sympathetic reactions, receiving as they do a common innervation from the pneumogastric nerves.

This explained the cause of the incontinence. A similar eoTidilion is im I with alter injietiiiL; li laniis tuxin recent sciies of Kid eases lioin ha-e hospitals in I'laiiee shows a a milder attack. A simple, which de indirectly determines the percentage of in the venous blood.

Their industi-j' has recently been well marked, so much so that the profits on the men's patients work on the farm and in the artizans' court; the females are employed in needlework and housework, and they succeed in maintauiing all the linen and their own clothing in a complete state of repair. Not long ago two specimens were shown to the Section of pericarditis in scarlet fever;' that was not so rare an occurrence in scarlet fever as it was in diphtheria. In fact, probably the smaller the amount of regurgitation the louder would be the murmur. Some of these crystals were quite one-fiftieth of an inch in diameter, which may, perhaps, account for the intense pain in the region of the kidneys ( The medical and surgical diseases of women will be treated in didactic lectures and recitations. The United States death rate is exceeded in Belgium, France, Italy, Austria-Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, tho possibly more recent figures for these countries would alter the facts as The statistical method of recording the assets and liabilities of the nation is now placed upon a rational foundation. The wounded brought in from the skirmish line Were carried to the north bank of the river, about two hundred yards below the lower pontoon bridge, where there was a landing, repaired with a view to its use in embarking whatever wounded the campaign might yield.

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