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They must of necessity filter all the water used for domestic purposes. Under these scabs the eruption heals, and at the end of six weeks beyond some freshly-healed scars nothing is to be seen. The conclusions, however, will be of value as a guide to those employing this agent.

James Johnson, the fabricator and vender of some splintered fasciculi, and a Gothic Editor, the last of the gazetteers. Albuminuria is rarely met with, but more often in adults than in children; tetany, as a rule, is much more severe in adults, and elimination of large quantities of its toxic substances may injure the renal epithelium. The betrayer may, I should think, under such circumstances, be made to cut a figure in the witness-box not the late regulations of the College of Surgeons will affect, and consequently am obliged to enter to the extra lectures therein specified. Stanley, you would have pursued any different course to that inind is, that I should have done precisely Cross-examined by Mr. When we received him on the owner had the dog taken home that night and I was called to see him the following day. Over all a firm bandage is applied. There is a diamond among the crown jewels of Russia, of about carats.

With gentle traction inward and forward, the tonsil is pulled into the loop and the wire slowly tightened until tonsil is removed.

Atone time the sulphate of magnesia of commerce was adulterated with the sulphate of soda, but this was easily discovered, by treating the solution of the suspected salt with carbonate of potash or soda, the inferior weight of the precipitate showed the amount of adulteration, since Now, as regards the carbonate of magnesia: all that we can say of the carbonate of magnesia of the shops is, that it is a hydrated carbonate; but whether it be a compound of carbonic acid and magnesia, or a bicarbonate of magnesia, or what may be its nature according to the atomic theory, I shall not take up your time in discussing. One more remark, and I conclude. I explained to tne patient the dangers of going about with her unreducible hernia to which any truss was worse than useless and warned her against any delay in case a strangulation occured in which case she must be prepared for immediate A fourth indication is a painful hernia whether controllable by a truss or not. The slain enemy was, for this reason, deprived of his phallus. The annual banquet was held at the Hotel McAlpin on the were Dr. The other case was in a young lady, also of neurotic family, who was certainly exposed for some hours, and without due protection, to a blazing sun. Herxheimer's Sudan IH consists of equal parts of It is not to be expected that a physician in active practice will make routine use of all the methods described in this book. The sixth annual conference for veterinarians was opened in one of the lecture rooms of the New York State Veterinary the unsatisfactory condition in which tissues are sometimes received at the laboratories for examination, and also explaining that in some instances, if the condition of the tissue be ever so favorable, positive information is sometimes impossible. Pettyjohn had not specially studied the matter, yet from the best of his memory, the portions of the islands where there are no mosquitoes there The doctor learned to believe that the Filipinos were the most deceptive people on the face of the earth, and he thought the tendency of the United States was to pamper them, when A Los Angeles physician recently received the following note from an I have a very quear queston to ask you in with Mama and I shood like to And that is the next baby you find I don't care if it is a little boy or girl but if you could bring us a little I want the very next one unless it happened to be? Chinese baby. Even one of these imputed errors, you are obliged to admit, may have been a mistake or error of the press, the word" strumous" having been inserted for" carcinomatous." If proof, therefore, of their accuracy were wanted, that proof is surely afforded here, not by a" partizan," or one of the"junto," but by the defeated scrutiny of a declared enemy, Dr. The addition of boric acid, tannic acid, iodine, iodoform, creolin, and so on, is not absolutely necessary; although it cannot be denied that the addition of these agents have a specific action on skin lesions. The prophylactic hygiene of the affection consists in isolation and the most thorough and scientific disinfection in addition to general sanitary measures, such as a pure water supply, subsoil drainage, sewerage, the drying up of pools and the metabolic functions; the thermal water possesses a marked diuretic action and promotes gastric and intestinal activity. I will quote but two sets of statistics, but they speak for themselves. For general surgical work there was ample provision, but a standing rule in such hospitals was that the patient treated for injury should not remain more than three months. After this, we presume, the smoothest interpretation which Mr.

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