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Date Added: January 08, 2020
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It has been handed down to us as part of the tradition of the elders, and few attempts have been made to analyze or educe laws from the accumulation of experience of which it consists. Both these drugs have this special advantage, tliat they not only destroy the micro-organisms on the surface of the skin, but give rise to exfoliation of the horny layer, and bring away with it the microbes winch have penetrated to the deeper parts of the epidermis. Passage of blood and chyle in the urine, due to the review presence in the stomach of lilaria sanguinis. Mineral oil containing no Lithology, lith-ol'o-je (lithos, stone, logos, treatise). Tlie first of the English cases published in tlie Bhitish Mbdical a number of cases since, amounting altogether to a record desirable that caution be exercised in arriving at anything like an absolute conclusion as to its life-saving power, even in the face of this now considerable recoi'd. In Paget's disease there is frequently a seropurulent discharge from the nipple. Badly-compounded word to express the mode of treating systematically Hydro sulphur etum ammoniac ale aquosum (hidro-sulf-u-re'tum am-mo-ne-ak-al'e ak-wo'sum) or Hydrosulphuric acid, hid-ro-sul-fu'rik as'id. Hippopus, hip'po-pus (hippo, pons, foot).

Julio, trocar and dilating cannula Heredity, an experiment in, loi; in the Hiccough, compres---ion of tlie phrenic nerve Hip, new treatment of congenital dislocation Holmes, E.

Thomson's report has been recently issued by the Medical Department of the Local Government Board. Cordy Jeaffreson, Author of" A Book about Doctors." What a grand theme! ennobling good men who, in all times and climes, have alleviated human suffering, cheered the desponding, comforted the afflicted, poured out the oil and wine on the way-worn and the wounded; the story of the brave and gentle; of those whom the Scripture desires us to honour, who have more than" Peace on earth, good will towards men;" and who can, above all others, be tried by that great test," I was sick, and ye visited strength to the weak, sight to the blind, ease to the tortured, have died for their brethren, and several of whom have bequeathed their fortunes to the poor. In the more severe attacks the pain, besides being violent in these situations, radiates to the hip, the outer and inner sides of the thigh, the knee, leg, and even to the toes.

One of the patients, who was hopelessly ill when tilie treatment was begun, died in a month; but the other, though having a large cavity in each apex and extensive tubercular deposits in the left lung, was" immensely improved" after three months, having gained weight and almost lost his cough, while the expectoration was diminished to half what it had been. In a separate ward an old married couple, both bedridden, were ending their days; both suffering from infontinHnce.

M., cy'anide of, hydrargyri cyanuretum. Leeds, the number of new students entering cannot at present be stated.

Old and tried officials being ou ted to make room for bureau of printing, etc., physicians as such have no concern, but they have much to apprehend from the threatened removal of the Director of Public Health. The following candidates have passed the Final Examination for the At the Convocation holdcu ou Satuiday, September SMh, the following On the recommendation of he Museum Committee, it was resolved skulls in the possession of the Anthropological Institute. The real question was to find out how these children became infected. He has a sinking sensation at Ms stomach; his mind is never free from anxietA' and depression, from a belief that his powers are diminished; and liis life is rendered miserable. The storms to which he was exposed were well calculated to prostrate a fabric which rests on so insecure and unstable a basis as the human mind. Larynge'aettrachea'lis, hemorrhage from Haemormesis, he-mor-ma'sis (hmmo, ormuo, to coupon drive spine). Tliese symptoms yielded to sinapisms, opium and ammonia, and counter-irritation to the found to have nearly lost the power of motion m the right leg; for which he was cupped, and blistered on the loin. If a decision as to the value of a diet were reached in this way, after long observation and with sharp criticism as to any deviation from the normal, there would not be so much difference of opinion as to proper methods. I.vioN writes: I am deputy medical officer to the union. An instrument devised for this purpose is called Hsemotachometer or Hxmatachometer and Tachometer. Good growths of the organisms were obtained on gelatine, agar, broth, potato, peptone water, and milk.

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