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Whatever he saw, he saw clearly in its just proportions, and its proper place, and he had the strength and will to climb for it.

There is but one worthy monument, and that is, the perpetuation of his own work, the proper maintenance and care and development and perfection of those institutions which were his especial pride, and the continued dissemination of that medical faith to which he untiringly and joyfully gave his whole life. " Our next point is that the present general law of the State is amply sufficient for the suppression of the practice, if who willfully sets on foot, instigates, engages in, or in any way furthers any act of cruelty to any animal, or any act tending to produce such cruelty, is guilty of a misdemeanor.' In order to exclude the plea that vivisection is not' unnecessary torture,' and does not constitute the misdemeanor of' cruelty,' restricts the practice of vivisection to one single class of persons, and regulates the conditions under which alone it may be practised.

Cox also thanked the hosts: beginning in humorous vein ho went on to commend the spirit of comradeship among the staff, which lie thought had been encouraged by the institution of the dining room, where the members of all the Associatiou's departments could meet during the dinner hour. During the previous two months, she had suffered from vertigo, occipital headache, disordered vision, some intolerance of light, sleeplessness, excitability, constipation, and a prickling sensation in the left side of the body, but no impairment of mind she was reclining upon the back, a position which afforded the greatest ease. It consists principally of a fine light sand, derived from the neutral ground, and the surface of the streets, intermixed with pulverized hme-stone. Wilson and Chowning could find no record of one individual having contracted the disease from another so these investigators were led to examine the skin for indications of direct inoculation. I wrote expostulating to tho ophthalmic specialist, and received a curt reply saying it had not even occurred to him to consider my opinion on a gjnaecological point. In none of them, with one possible exception (to be referred to immediately), was there any appearance characteristic of the individual disease. The foetus was an additional source of waste products and an additional cause of danger to the mother. If successful, I shall cite, as an example of a milk outbreak, one in Savannah. The buildings and the entire equipment are of the simplest character, having been constructed more than one hundred years ago; but they serve their purpose well, and the beauty of the pools themselves is such that the visitor is not disposed to criticize the primitive character of these accessories. Causes have been denominated external or e.Ttrinsic, and internal or intrinsic, according as they operate upon the body from without or within. THE ENTRANCE EXAMINATION IN THE STATE OF NEW The contention of each party, promoters and opponents, of a bill now before the Legislature to put the entrance examination into the hands of the college faculties themselves (it is now in the hands of the regents of the university) has been so little considered by the physicians of the State in general tSat the results of the bill, should it become a lav, are ditiicult to foretell with any near approach to precision; mixed up in the minds of some legislators, as well as a good many doctors, with those of the project to provide for preliminary examinations in certain early-class studies as a i)art of the final examination by the State after the candidate's A JOURNAL OF THE MEDICO-CHIRURGICAL FRONTIER.

In addition to this, after the child arrives at the age of twelve or fourteen years, tasks of such extent are imposed that it becomes necessary to study from one to two hours during the evening. Has to my knowledge gone into the economics of the subject considers the Act mischievous. These bands of lymph viortem is carefully performed, the effusion is clear at its upper If the reviews inflammatory process has been less rapid, the lymph is of a more consistent appearance, and forms over the inflamed parts flocculi of various sizes, or a distinct lining varying in thickness, and of a honey-combed appearance; but the lymph in the epizootic form does not possess the firmness, plasticity, and tendency to organization which is characteristic of that of the sporadic form of the disease. He advises instead, allowing the baby to feed till it is full, without regard to the amount. The pelvis and abdomen were flushed out with hot saline and the wound closed with through and through sutures. Inhaled by the prisoners, which, under the microscope, showed sharp corners which cut the tissue and admitted the bacilli.

Another method which had come into use a good deal now in the new instruments devised by Oliver and others consisted of a tube closed at the end and containing air in which the measurement was made by the amount of air compression caused by various degrees of pressure.

He deeply regretted that he had felt it necessary to relinquish hjs work, the performance of which iiad BEGIONAL MEDICAL OFFICERS AS IKSPECTORS UNDER THE DANGEROUS DRUGS REGULATIONS. The serum which he uses he obtains directly from lower animals suffering from malignant growths, principally the horse; the diagnosis being substantiated microscopically. These observers further believe that many more human beings than have been hitherto supposed are infected with trichinae; indeed that the majority of us code are carrying these worms in our muscles. The kyphosis has not Both these patients have completely recovered without any increase of deformity. In the first obstruction case, in the case of ruptured jejunum, and in the case of ovarian cyst, small amounts of the ether and alcohol were used, as I wished every aid in carrying them through without inducing unconsciousness by resorting to general narcosis. The town stretches up the side of shape, containing within its area twelve or fourteen acres. After mucb domestic care and worry she lost sleep, became nervous and hysterical, and suffered with neuralgia in her neck, her chest, and her arm. Kali bichromicum was the remedy administered in all of these cases, and seemed to do all that medicine could.

In one case, although a large clot, extending from the superior surfaces of the crura to the base of left alone the horse would lie more or less quietly; immediately it was disturbed it would fight convulsively, the breathing would become spasmodic, and it would dash its head with violence upon the coupon ground; when pricked with a pin it showed invariably present, indeed it is often absent in undoubted apoplexy. One hundred of these subjects I dissected and have no written records.

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