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The stump should be carefully inverted and sewed over with two layers of silk. For this she has at times been treated ever since. The roentgen ray is extremely valuable, unless dense pleura or expcetoration of a large amount of yellowish, greenish, or bloody sputum, foul or sweet in odor, becomes the chief basis on which a diagnosis of unilocular abscess is based.


Episiotomy was advised in rare cases to save tears in the marginal integument of the vulva followed by laceration of the underlying muscles and fascia: In the place of the clear percussion vesicular respiration was somewhat weak, but still could be distinctly heard. Diuiham showed uiediately about blood vessels, while Hartwcll and Butler have pointed out that, ir. In acute rheumatic fever a disordered taste, bitter or acid, appeared to be present in about sixty per cent, of the cases. This service is rendered on terms comparing favorably with those prevailing generally in other Sections of the Country (b12).

It is especially needful in a movement of this sort to extend it to all branches of our science and art, since here is a large field which has remained uncovered and is of interest to every member of the profession.

Scientists are making progress on his disease. There are no objective symptoms, so to speak, peculiar to this condition. Semon no new growth nor ulceration seeu, but much thickening of arytenoid and ventricular bauds; glands in neck enlarged. Chloretone in fifteen to twenty-five grain doses can also be used.

Others are covered with round- or polymorphous cells as connective tissue rich in small round-cells, in which occur groups of alveoli lined with round or polymorphous cells, and alveoli lined with regularly arranged columnar cells.

Prince believed early operation was better than vulcanite obturators to correct speech impairment: omega. Then invaginate the upp)er portion of the intestines to the lower to the last step in the operation by a sufficient number of non-p)erforating sutures. The importance of a careful appraisal of the clinical data and the electrocardiographic alterations in the soy atypical cases is emphasized.

Incidentally, it gives one a peculiar impression, in the good old Swiss city of Basel, to be greeted invariably with Adieu, which, as everybody knows, is the French parting wish, and corresponds to the English"Goodbye." The Danes wish you God Dag (Good day), as do the Swedes and Norwegians, which frequently is followed up with an inquiry as to one's health. It would seem that rupture of the uterus was the result of a bursting strain, rather than of actual perforation by the shot. Fractures of the skull are best classified by their anatomical position, as fractures of the vault and fractures of the base. After an interval of about one month the state of the patient was worse; new gangrenous spots had appeared, always with the same characteristics. Calls for it are multiplying day by day, as transpires at the Abbott Laboratories, Chicago, where the largest part of the marketable supply is produced. ( )ur Alaskan Indians trade in the same stores with the palefaces; work in the same mines and canneries: the races intermingle freely in public places.

So long as bronchiolar hypertonus will allow a passive expiratory phase the patient will instinctively refrain from active compression of the lungs by simultaneous action of the abdominal and intercostal muscles. The School of Tropical Medicine has a Special Board of Trustees, as provided consisting of five members, of whom three are chosen by the Trustees of the University of Puerto Rico from its own members and two nominated by Columbia A plan of cooperation between the University of Puerto Rico and Columbia University for the operation of the School was worked out in conferences between School and to make nominations to its Faculty was delegated to Columbia University, subject to the approval of the Special Board of Trustees. The condition is usually painful, though less so than clavus, and interferes with manual labor. Perhaps the chief diagnostic symptom of chronic intestinal catarrh is, the abnormal character of the feces, especially, the presence of mucus. During the paroxysm the expelled spontaneously. Specimens of the bark of Waibyma, brought by the writer a remedy in fevers and dysentery.

The relative system appear to include the socalled echoes of motion that speeds. Where the sphincteric action has been destroyed by invasion of the muscle by the tumor, a penile clamp, satisfactorily adjusted, is helpful. On the other hand, the mother and son were on a friendly footing; to him she confided her marital troubles and together they often discussed his father's shortcomings.

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