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For the credit of Laving laid the foundation of our knowledge of enteroptosis and having promulgated the same been relegated to the background; for, as this condition is only one of the concomitant appearances of enteroptosis, very little benefit is derived, as a matter of fact, from a nephrorrhaphy. The vomitus was usually a brownish fluid. She had for years suffered from diarrhea, accompanietl by hemorrhages and the passage of foul mucus, and finally became so weak and anemic that a left inguinal colostomy had to be performed to give rest to the lower portion of the colon and rectum. In all, there should be perfect ventilation. I I know what the numerous abnormal conditions arc which rise to the morbid auscultatory phenomena, else he is certainly not prepared to comprehend the significance of the latter ( Oozing controlled by adhesions, no cancer found by: pressure, Pachysalpingitis, multiple ad! he sions. Garrett International Fellowship in Pathology and Universities and Medical Schools in the United States, without, however, absolutely precluding members of other foreign Research in Physiology or Pathology and Bacteriology under the direction of the Professors of Physiology and Pathology. M'Leod advises that an coupon elastic tourniquet about three feet long be taken, and the centre of it passed round the loins, the ends are brought over the brim of the pelvis, are crossed twice over opposite sides of the neck of the tumour, and finally are brought together below the navel. This entozoon inhabits the vena portae, as well as the mesenteric, and hepatic, and bladder, and intestinal veins.


If there be much headache, or injected conjunctivae, or active delirium, the opium should be guarded with a small dose of ipecacuanha, or perhaps even of tartar emetic, as recommended by Dr. When he left Cincinnati, he was in fairly good health, but a few months thereafter he began to decline. The tips of the fingers were ulcerated; while the skin of the face was tuberculated and dirt-colored, and there were large tenacious crusts upon it. The treatment of tuberculosis of the bladder has been assisted by permanent catheterization of the ureters by Guyon, cited by Albarran and Lluria, who burned the tuberculous ulcers with the Paquelin cautery, packed with iodoform gauze, and was able to leave the ureteral catheters As regards leaving the catheter permanently in the ureter, Pawlik mentions a case of ureterovaginal fistula in which a catheter was left in for seven days. This may be found as small foci in the soft granulating capsule, small abscesses inside the granulation tissue, or as pus from the cavity of the joint. The report advises that these small reception hospitals, or psycopathic hospitals, as branches of the existing State institutions and under the same management, should be organized on the same plan as any well-managed hospital and should receive not only the destitute but those able to pay, tliat all may receive the liest neurologic and alienist skill tliat New York City can provide.

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