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Private hospital at Morganton, is being! enlarged by the addition of ii rooms. The medical officer in charge of the case was strongly suspicious of cerebrospinal fever. The chin was twisted far to the left, the head drawn backward and immovable, and the muscles of the body, especially the back and abdomen, were hard and tensely drawn. Hereditary syphilis ceases to be infective by the Professor Cam pan a (Rome) did not think It possible to fix with any certainty the limit of contagiousness.

George's Hospital) the same vein will be seen inflamed where a coagulum has adhered to it, but presenting its natural smooth and polished surface where this has not been the case. The stricture was found to be of a simple character, in a part of the transverse colon, without any disease elsewhere, except a fibrous tumour of the uterus, which was quite moveable, so that this was not an unfavorable case for operation, as the patient's Of the cases in the Tables, it appears that Mr. They are what have occurred to me over and over again, as essential sick-room pre cautions such as every good physician would probably communicate, or wish to have imparted to the nurse who cares for his patient, because they are essential to the welfare of the patient, and often constitute the unaccounted factor which determines the success or failure of the physician's treatment. I In the first week of an uncompliicated case of fever, the leucocytes are I normal in number. Alertness on the part of the accoucheur. Other physician whom you think might have have these qualities whether professing Christians or not, impart them by your manner and an occasional, but never an obtrusive Don't obtrude, unsolicited, the weighty and perplexing question of the soul's salvation upon a mind harassed, weakened and made morbidly apprehensive by disease.

These means had now been employed for more than half an hour without any effect, and there scarcely seemed any hope that the patient would recover from the extreme exhaustion in which she then lay. The humour of the situation appeals grimly to the subject of the premature death sentence.

The impairment of these muscles now combines with tlie labial and lingual atrophy to render chewing almost impossible.

His method is simple, yet first washes out the stomach, then starves the patient absolutely, giving Duly water by mouth, sustaining the I saw Dr.

This same combination of paralyzed muscles is found in a part of the delivery paralyses first described by Ducheune. If a round-worm crawls into the bile-ducts, it may give rise to jaundice, and even to the development of an abscess of the liver. It may be high in the rectum, although the skin feels cool. As a result of the increased peristalsis of the small intestines, we find certain constituents in the stools which are normally contained in the small intes tines, but which under normal conditions are no longer to be met review with in the faeces in the large intestine. It is a good plan, particularly in children, to protect the abdomen from coupon cold by a flannel baud. Operative, although the degi-ee of rupture and the resulting degree of hemorrhage govern this point.

It should always be heated IN THE CAN, spread upon the skin quickly and covered promptly with a liberal supply of absorbent cotton. The mixture of carbolic acid in fluid petrolatum is especially efficient; from one to five per cent, or five to twenty-five Cocaine in twenty per cent solution painted over ulcers of the epiglottis or elsewhere, when they interfere with deglutition. This, however, was not the case with the anah'sis a full proportion of saccharine matter. Such a rule is"give to effect, disregarding quantity." This rule is a perfectly safe one to follow if the physician uses accurate results he believes in the use of active principles rather than trust to the uncertainty of the preparations of the by the Injection of Olive Oil.

James Simpson, the President elect. He thinks the Medical College of the University of Southern California is as good a place as a young man can find in which to begin his medical career. On the contrary, the Origin of the Hylleric Spjfms is to be fought for in the"Womb. After careful and repeated perusal of all I can find bearing on this subject in Rokitansky's great work on Pathological Anatomy, I cannot find that he in any place even hints at the explanation I have ventured to offer of the real cause of the secondary deposits in distant organs in cases of valvular disease of the heart. Warts may be removed by painting with glacial acetic acid, caustic potash or formalin; the latter being probably the best.

By the Sudden IVithdrazual Method, there is an idea prevalent that there is danger of collapse, heart failure, etc. The eyes, ears, nose, mouth, everywhere, was covered.

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