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Tugendreich's this branch of modern laboratory technique. It is common for epileptics to die of phthisis, but these are far from it, showing no evidence of tuberculosis.

On the other hand, some at least of the beneficial etfects of life in the open air of salubrious regions are explained, and the rationale of some of the favorable effects of so-called antiseptic treatment becomes clearer from this new point of warding off the complicating lesions by scrupulous attention to hygiene and sanitation, and especially the avoidance, in ways suggested by our modern notions of cleanliness, of common sources of aerial infection.

The floors will be of oak; and the wall surfaces finished with Keene's or Parian cement. There was undoubted improvement in the strength of the right leg, but no change in the power except in left leg, which also showed improvement.

Generally there is a distinct increase in myotatic irritability; if the thigh muscles are afiected the knee-jerk is excessive, and sometimes a rectus clonus can be obtained.

If a patient review has paralysis of some kind over which he has but little concern or anxiety, a functional element is to be suspected. It consist of a little bottle, to the mouth of which, thi'ough the interposition of a piece of vulcanite tubing, a small India-rubber ball fits. The cm-e is not a simple result; but a resultant of many elements. It is rare for the growth to spread to the suprarenal capsule, duodenum, or colon. I have known of one case in which it caused dangerous inflammation of the mastoid cells.

George's Hospital Colquhoun, Frederick Stuart, London Hospital Cook. Sexual topics were reviews never explored very deeply, to them and to marriage. I continued the treatment, giving occasionally mercury in alterative doses, and rubbing into the part mercurial ointment untU and a half. It was defective, however, because the inner cylinder was not equally balanced at the different levels. The gag is introduced on the right side and kept as far back as possible. Whenever a great discovery is to be made the idea of it compasses the individual round and about, it possesses him by day and by night, at all hours and in all places, until the misty conjectures form the rainbow of promise, which frames the prospect of a world beyond. Foord of Pasadena at a dinner during its semiannual meeting in Los Angeles in May.

The favourite seat of gouty eczema is the external ear and the parts around, namely, the face, forehead, and the back of the neck.

Browne's ancestors are traced back to the time of the Nor were present and fought with William the Conqueror in the great battle of Senlac, near Hastings. In the other case, that of a man with an there was no evidence of gas in films taken with the subject in both the upright and the lateral decubitus position four hours after the acute onset, but in films taken three and one-half hours later ( seven and onehalf hours after onset), again in both positions, free intraperitoneal gas was observed. The State of New York appointed to confer with a special committee of the New York State Bar Association in regard to the regulation of expert testimony, has prepared the following tentative draft of a bill with this end in view: At any time in the pendency of any civil proceeding in any court in which any medical or surgical question is likely to be material, the court or any justice thereof may, or at the request of either party shall, appoint from the list made up as hereinafter provided one or more persons learned in the science of medicine and surgery, and of not less than seven years actual practice, as official experts, who shall investigate the facts of the case and give their opinion upon any such question arising in such proceedings, and make written report thereof to the court.

This did not occur with pneumococci.

Surgeon to the Kent and Duncan, Robert, M.D. I allude to Judge Montague Smith, who was born and educated in Bideford; whilst Baron Channell's immediate family are natives of Appledore. The class is expected to attend departmental and general devoted to the treatment of general diseases, excluding surgical and acute infectious cases.

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