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Vertigo is sometimes caused by accumulations in the external auditory canal, which produce pressure upon the tympanimi that is transmitted by the ossicles, which connect the tympanum with the fenestrum ovalis. Functions of left arm Since then his history has been uneventful. The medicine is continued even after intubation; and when the difficulty in swallowing is great, tablet triturates of bichloride, one-fortieth of a grain, are powdered and mixed with a small amount of sugar and placed dry upon the tongue,_ ice being given at the same time to facilitate solution and prevent the drug reaching the stomach in too concentrated form.

Neuroglia of a peculiarly transparent appearance found in the tip of the posterior gray cornu in the myel. Cloudy swelling occurs in the cells of the parenchymatous organs, particularly in the liver and kidneys, in the of the acute infectious diseases, severe intoxications, etc. He was then seen by a neighboring physician, who probed the wound apparently without antiseptic precautions. The prism is fixed at such a distance that the margins of Bowman's p's. And in these feverish times we have made too free a use of our wits in the lower regions of existence, so that we arc becoming too well informed as to what lies in our darkness. It unites with alkaline carbonates hydroxide. He believed though that a considerable proportion of the cases of hypertrophy of the prostate occurring in individuals among the more intelligent and comfortable walks of life could be treated very satisfactorily, and for a long time, by means of the catheter.

A diet containing sufficient protein, vitamins, and minerals should be insisted upon. Two of my patients were stone masons. Devoted to his bottle he resents its sudden deprivation. Ten to twenty, or Ihey may lie delayed, from two to three hours.

Were it a hybrid of the two, or a variety of either disease, so modified that it could not protect fully from the typical disorder, we would with reason expect, on the one hand, that rubella would be more severe in those individuals who had never had measles or scarlatina; and, on the other hand, that the previous occurrence of rubella would greatly modify the virulence of the other affections. It is perhaps tempting then to apply various ointments or medications or to give the patient various drugs by mouth or by hypodermic injection in the hope that further epithelial growth will be stimulated. The initial dose varies as to the severity of the acidosis and the hyperglycemia. Of crystallization), and its presence appears to define and maintain the crystalline form.

From the geniculate bodies a new set of neurons begin, which terminate in the convolution called the cuneus, along what is called the calcarine fissure, thus constituting the final cortical center of vision. The term molecular death is obviously an unhappy one, and has fallen into disuse, although it is possible that it is an accurate statement of what takes place.

It is almost always accompanied with hallucinations and more or less systematized delusions: The most highly specialized receiving, transmitting, and discharging portions of the color apparatus are those macular regions of the eyeball, at the internal ending of what is known as the direct axis of vision. An actual conversion of cellular protoplasm into a fat but by deposit of fat from the circulation. The whole has a smooth, shining, more or less translucent capsule which corresponds to the tunics of the follicles. It is due to the spontaneous occurrence of decided remissions in the disease, which themselves are very difficult to account for, that the prognosis is so uncertain; but an early termination may be expected upon the supervention of the bulbar symptoms which in no other disease does the prolonged recourse to the rest cure seem so advantageous. The teeth are slightly notched in some of the children. This lesion occurs in patches in all parts of the nose, especially on suborder (the Xanthnxylacece or Xanthoxylece) of the Rutaceae. The approach developed by Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) and its affiliates to the problem, would probably interest the American Cancer Society, outlines what seems to be a reasonable program for prevention or early recognition of Occupational Cancer. At the same time, a jury being the arbiter of the measure of damages, it may be less likely that a large verdict would be recovered against the original tort-feasor in many cases than against the physician, if the tatter's malpractice could be established; and the plaintiff, having an action against the medical attendant, who is bound to exercise at least the skill and knowledge possessed by the average practitioner of his neighborhood, may often find him a more desirable defendant, especially if pecuniarily responsible, than the original wrong-doer, although the latter may be also It is important to ascertain if there has been deafness or a discharge from the ear before or at the time of the alleged injury, and if so, whether any increase of the trouble was caused thereby. On the second fasting day the urine contained pepsin in large amounts.

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