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Is the mind and body of every individual intimately connected? Does the one sympathise with the other? Have we all an intellectual constitution which calls for action? Must hope and fear, interest and duty, sentiment and affection, skill, talent, and address, be frequently called in requisition to make us what we are? Why then is not the line of action pointed out the one, and the only one which will secure to us the blessing which we should devoutly wish, and guard us against those evils which we should as And here we do well to reflect that mental and sentimental exercise is connected in a hfgher or less degree with every calling. The most important are the Organic and Functional Diseases of the Throat and Lungs, Bronchitis and Consumption. The same difference is said to exist between these two affections as exists between amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and disseminated sclerosis. There was throughout the fever no pain or tenderness on pressure of the stomach or bowels, and the existence of gastro-enteritis was, therefore, thought doubtful. The spinal cord may be affected by the typhoid infection, and in some cases rachialgia, hyperaesthesia of the dorsal and nuchal muscles, contractures, convulsions, and oculo-pupillary troubles indicate invasion of the spinal meninges. Codliver oil in large doses, preparations of iodine, phosphates, and arsenic arc the chief drugs. The persons served with such process shall be allowed the same fees, and their attendance may be enforced in tbe same manner, and they shall be subject to the same penalties, as if served with a subpoena in behalf of the commonwealth in a criminal prosecution pending in said court, or before said trial The presiding justice or trial justice shall, after hearing the testimony, draw up and sign a report in which he shall find and certify when, where, and by what means the person deceased came to his death, his name, if known, and all material circumstances attending his death; and if it appears that his death resulted wholly or in part from the unlawful act of any other person, he shall further state, if known to him, the name or names of such person or persons, which report he shall file with the records of the superior court in the county If the justice finds that murder, manslaughter, or an assault has been committed, he may bind over, as in criminal prosecutions, such witnesses as he deems necessary, or as the district attorney may designate, to appear and testify at the court in which an indictment for such offence may be found or presented.

The kidneys may tolerate for a long time the presence of one or more calcuh, but for multiple reasons, which I shall enumerate, certain troubles may appear. Necrosis of is the adjacent lymph glands. The displacements by anteversion are often associated with bihary Uthiasis. It sometimes appears in an insidious manner. He had A fresh symptom now appeared. Medical Society of Wasliiiigton Territory Medical Society of the State of West Wi.scoiisin State Medical Society. It differs from the relapsing form of the disease in that entire recovery takes place.

We mav sav we meet with daily examples of the great power of physiological stimuli on the conglomerated glands. The instruction given is simple, and can be easily comprehended by any intelligent youth although he has not studied real medicine. It has been my observation and experience that boards of managers, hospital superintendents, and head nurses can rarely be made to appreciate them ( A nurse should have sufficient sleep (if possible a continuous one), an hour for exercise in the fresh air every day, and facilities for bathing at A lunch or an early meal should be provided for the nurse, if required to" Asylum for the Education and Instruction of the Artificial Limb Makers and Dealers Association, Alumni, of the Medical Department of the University of Vermont. It is six feet and five inches in length by two feet and nearly a half in width, is constructed of oak, and is moved by four wheels supported by steel pins.

I am not a bacteriologist; still, I know that there are several unexplainable facts that make me feel that it is an infection. The slight nephritis which supervenes during the course of the infectious diseases recovers after a few days or a few weeks, and is not nearly as serious as scarlatinal or syphihtic nephritis. Gray for his entertaining and animated address.

Parker a development of the Sachs-Georgi, gives a much higher percentage of serums and obtained identical results in all serums giving more than a reported from the clinical standpoint the value of this test in various showing a strongly positive (four plus) Wassermann reaction at both reaction. The production reviews of scurvy, also, seems to depend on the absence from the diet of some essential extractive, and the condition generally improves on the addition of fresh meat extract. Born in Virginia in HSO, he received an excellent general education, became a pupil of Dr.

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