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The Operative Treatment of, in Labyriuth.

Been called to the beneficial effects in joint conditions that often follow the administration of the bacterial vaccines of a non-specific type. I have known tliis to occur in cases where the resection was made high. The constriction was plainly visible externally through the abdomen, about one inch above the pubes, there being iiand edgewise. To be relieved from duty in Department of Dakota, and to report in Barnett, Richards, captain and assistant surgeon. Data were added on trainee stipends committed. I have retrained from making any critical observations on the present modes of operating which must be familiar to all who are present; but I would call their attention to this, that the present endeavour seems to be to combine what the ancients tried for singh', tissues, by irritation within and pressure from without. The movement of the joint between the second and third phalanges was much limited. The symptoms, therefore, together with the results of examination, showed conclusively that there was pyloric obstruction and gastric dilatation. The fractures of the ribs were cured without deformity.

The infected teeth were extracted and an autogenous vaccine was made. Thirst was present, and most of the patients drank tea Cough and expectoration were universal, the epidemic influence appearing to expend itself chiefly upon the mucous membrane of the larynx and bronchi, without involving that of the nares. Half an hour after taking the first dose she complained of slight itching of the nose and tenderness of the nasal and conjunctival mucous membrane.

I have made many careful inquiries among the officials of the Great Northern Eailway (and from being medical officer to the large body of emjiloyes in the works at Boston, and to the engine-drivers, etc., over a large portion of the line, I have had peculiar facilities for making such an investigation), as to whether the men who wore the beard enjoyed a greater immunity from disease than those who shaved.

Thus, if you wish to treat the spine itself, wish to strengthen it, of course you must necessarily direct your treatment to reaching these vaso motor nerves in order to relax and allow sufficient nutriment to be sent to these parts.

It is to be seized not in its middle, but about V" from the temporal comer of the wound, and excised with three or four successive clips of the scissors, care being taken to alter, with each cut, the direction of the blades, making them, as it were, every time tangential to the wound at that particular place. At the end of this visit he was paid for his services and considered himself discharged from the case.

They had used it a good deal and had always made it somewhat alkaline to litmus. He who inquires into the truth of a doctrine or theory, even though he come to a wrong conclusion, has certainly more merit than he who never inquires at all. Should you have palsy of the hand, or edema which is neurotic in origin, such cases you must refer to trouble in the brachial plexus. There is no need to talk about changing the ration to effect a change in the dietary. I have no question, however, that he considers it a decidedly important part of the treatment in certain stages of the trouble with regard to this matter. Hodge's instrument, and he begged to recommend it to the society. In the absence of positive evidence, that the pericardium was torn, and understanding the medical examiner to testify that it did not contain blood, he shoidd say that the wounds of the heart were made during the autopsy.

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