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I frankly confess that I was among this It will be our endeavor this year to ascertain what the Association wants and will support in the way of revision of the present Medical Practice Act. He looked on the brain as a plurality of organs; and his method was not to compare it with anything else, or any other brain, but to compare one part of it with another. The Society of the Alumni of the City (Charity) Hospital iicld its eightii annual dinner at tiie Hotel the department of charities.

Possibilities of a Lexdino Library. The chloroform had been pushed to the full surgical degree, and had been kept at that point for two hours while he had worked most assiduously to effect delivery. In the eighteenth month of this child's life the effect of the disease had been to prevent development and seriously RUPTURE OF UTERUS; EXTRACTION OF FCETUS children,'the youngest three years old, became pregnant. His suits generally were made to order by the best tailors, usually of broadcloth. The snake is now in position to strike. Fully as salubrious, and by nq, means so changeable, says a resident missionary, as England. Examination shows a poorly nourished man, who bursts into tears when I ask him his name. By squeezing on the air in the stomach the degree of stenosis can be demonstrated. Questions put to the patient elicited the following: A midwife delivered her of a healthy child"without any trouble" (vertex presentation). Noyes practices horizontal section first, then cutting vertically upward, the section representing an inverted T. Gordon Stables produces a story The Hermit Hunter rf a very easy book, and intended to be the easiest book of nursery and puts the story of the familiar old Saga of Grettir the of Mehalah never fails to interest as well as instruct his readers, when he chooses to take up the latter branch of the work. On an average, only one thosel who dispense with some necessary of life to purchase nostrums which do them a positive injury, is in the ratio of eighty-seven to every revolutionize orthography as well as medicine. Among other agreeable features in regard to this work, it is pleasant to many of us at least to note that among the collaborators appears the name of Professor J. The lat ter especially have come to Nauheim partly to undergo treatment themselves, partly to study the system of treatment in a practical manner. Horder you seem to "" suflfer from abuses of the same kind as we do, you will be interested in the work of this association. Erotic movements and females, five of whom were unmarried, and one married and in an early stage of pregnancy. The purposes for which the injection of iodized oil has proved itself of value are both diagnostic and therapeutic.

It is highly acid from the presence of lactic acid, and it contains the casein of milk in a very finely divided form.

We knew a clergyman, who, from excessive study and night watching, was attacked with this species of delirium tremens.

This he billed to Gibraltar, which he reached some time in The opportunities he had sought were now near at hand.

Martin and Hamilton through whose courtesy we examined some of the patients. During his school-age he clearly preferred the out-door sports of his companions to the in-door tasks of his teachers. It may be that the opium produces its good etTects in overcoming the nervous irritability and the causeless fear of these must be under the continued observation of the physician and of a reliable nurse.

The points of diagnosis are rapid growth, apparent fluctuation, and prominence of the superficial veins. If a patient is in shock, a little time to rally will improve his chances and a patient who will not react from the shock of his original injury will certainly not withstand the additional shock of operation.

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