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The present illness began four years ago with a cold. Thus, the catheter cannot enter the vagina, while it will almost certainly slip into the orifice of the meatus urinarius. The dropsy which it gives rise to is an early symptom: the face first becomes puffy, followed by effusion of fluid into the pleurae or one of the other serous cavities. No details of these changes are given.

If you have an idea, a it to us, your AMA delegation. As these cheap and inefficient substitutes are frequently dispensed instead of the genuine preparation, physicians are earnestly requested, when prescribing the As a further precaution, it is advisable that the Syrup should be ordered in the original bottles, the distinguishing marks which the bottles (and the wrappers i i I g Strychnine to teasp nful In -!.- itimulant and restorative in waiting and debilitating disea - igent in In - advantages f th se remedies without interfering with the stability f the preparations - ill the digestive ferments These are preserved in solution with C P.

At that time the Secretary definitely emphasized the fact that the State Board of Health has never inaugurated an important public health policy nor made an important change in an established policy without submitting what it had in mind to this society.

The cases now to be treated of are much more remarkable; for in them it would seem as if all the abdominal muscles, but more especially the diaphragm, were concerned in producing an appearance exactly resembling that caused by a large foreign body. We are perpetually warring with the elements. It is a well known fact that a patient with a numerical anemia is necessarily in a lowered.state of vitality, all vital structures functionating below par, and that the individual, on account of an impoverishment of these structures, can offer very little resistance to those conditions conducive to shock, such as pain, anesthesia, loss of blood, exposure to atmospheric changes, etc. The nicer eonld never iiaal so loag at ita margin fa aet in an anaular leAuatiak that jNevaafa aa of the healing proeeea. Like morphine, it has proved of value in checking the progress of saccharine diabetes, and it has been used for long periods, without the formation of the drug habit, inasmuch as when glycosuria was brought to a termination by dietary and other measures, the cessation of the use of codeine was not followed by any special distress. It was important to find whether the more marked results following intraperitoneal injection of adrenalin chloride were due to the opportunity for more direct action of this substance on the pancreatic gland. It is also applicable in hemorrhage from torn vessels of the vagina or cervix, during labor: But we believe that the excavations for the custom-house have been of the greatest degree of injurious influence, from the character of the material dug up, and its being spread over a large extent of surface. Now, I believe there are a great many people in this country who are hypothyroid, and it is in these cases that the machines for taking the metabolic rate are of special value. Supposing that ordinary injections into the rectum have tailed in their object, the patient should be placed on his back, with the pelvis considerably elevated while the shoulders are depressed. Bat the chief interest in the leotnres nodonbtedly centres in the dtecnsBion of the natnre, disgnodln, and treatment of vesical tnmonrs, and ID the Tssntt? of Sir Henry Tbompeon'a" more than The Lectnres on Vesical Tamonrs, together with one on the Diagnosis of Urinary Disease, have been published separately in the latter of the two books before ns.

We shall pass In twiew an inatanoa of a severe epldemio of viewa and tfaeortea of the eontagtoaisti. The body, it increases considerably after the completion of the digestive process in the highly fed animals; whilst in the opposite case, no difference in its The structure of the spleen is next minutely investigated, the results of In the chapter on the bloodvessels of the spleen, the author confirms the fact that each of the main trunks of the splenic artery supplies simply that region of the organ in which that branch ramifies, no anastomoses existing between it and the majority of the other branches.' The capillaries terminate by becoming continuous with the smaller venous trunks; but, as previously mentioned by Ecker, some of them cannot be traced directly continuous with the veins, and these communicate with interspaces of the pulp parenchyma which are finally connected with the veins.

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