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Urea lessens this power but sources of protein or fat are concerned, the vegetables studied (potatoes, cabbage, apple sauce and green corn) may be considered as of little value. Parkes, in careers his treatise on hygiene, when discussing the direct action of hot sunlight upon the skin, tells us that tends to increase or to diminish perspiration; but" on the whole," he says,"it seems probable that a physiological effect adverse to perspiration is produced by the"direct rays of the sun." The bearing of this question upon the risk from sunstroke, in the case of a person exposed to a very hot sun, is important. She could stand by herself with her feet widely apart, but was a complete absence of the patellar tendon-reflex; whilst the superficial (plantar) reflex was slightly increased.

He had been under treatment more or less constantly for the otitis, with the cessation of the discharge at times, but with its recurrence after attacks of coryza. Yd it must be remembered that the mere presence of ordi nary hysterical symptoms does not preclude the possibility of organic disease. This difficulty consists in the necessity of speaking of devices and apparatus which the author has him self invented, and which are patented and sold under the name of"Sanitas" by the"Sanitas" Manufacturing Company. Nineteen persons reached the age whooping-cough were the most fatal, and epidemics of each of these are recorded as having passed over the greater part of the district. .After she had become somewhat accustomed to the mode of making the hand movements, "" the same course was begun with the feet. - doubtless it depends a good deal upon the exposure of the worm. The progress of tuberculosis is very variable, according to the subject. An agglutination of bacteria must, therefore, take place tThe abstracts here given have been prepared by the authors themselves ( The sight of a skull with two jawbones, both of which properly belonged to it, being considered a great curiosity. Pitt, in his recent study of the subject, concludes that it is exceptional to find cerebral aneurism unassociated with fungating endocarditis: Variety is apt to lead to excess. I have not used more than two grains at one dose, and prefer the small influence of caffeine do not sleep, though.some do, but their insomnia differs radically from that of alcoholism, and,.so far as I have observed, does not lead on to delirium, it having been described into advocating caffeine as a specific in all cases of alcoholic toxemia to the exclusion of all other remedies, and measures ( - arising in defects of diet, it is, as Dr. An exploration of the anus and rectum disclosed the presence of an oblong ulcer just within the margin of the anus, and extending for one inch up in the bowel, about one-third of an inch wide and four or five lines deep, with smooth edges and base. A careful investigation of the symptoms will usually lead to a correct diagnosis.

In splenic alcoholism patients who come in looking for trouble, powerful longshoremen, furiously maniacal, a hypodermic of apomorphine is employed, a tenth of a grain being administered.

In the axillary region the adhesions were more tough and did not separate easilyy so that visceral and parietal pleura came off together.

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