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Numerous marks of injury existed about the face and neck, and, on examination, a fracture of each cornu of the hyoid bone was found. Opium by the stomach has but little effect, apparently, in this disease. It is unnecessary for us to speak of their merits, for their authors are widely known as masters of the matters of which they had to treat. The base and lateral surfiux-s are ragged, as though torn away. A diagnosis of bilious colic was made and a hypodermic of morpliine was given, which relieved him of most of liis pain. According to his experience, the presence of a papilloma in the larynx determines a congestive condition which extends into the papillary bodies, which excites a than ordinary catarrli, and with which an excessive proliferation of epithelinm is associated iar exceeding that, produced by any other disease. Probably the last named is the most important of these noxious influences. And this rule holds good not only in thofe, who are? petites: becaufe it keeps them in a And this is the way in general to refift thefe evils, or at leaft to they have taken deep root in the body, each of them requires its commotions, which check the courfe: of the vital humors, fpurs are neceflary; but curbs, when they gallop too faft.

The Journal can be obtained of all Boohsellcrs and Neicsmen, MEDICAL EDUCATION. The value of localization was shown in cases of fracture when the extent of the unseen damage could not be told by the position and character of the visible lesions Of the different forms of intra-cranial hemorrhage, sub-dural, cortical and intra-cerebral, were most amenable to localizing diagnosis. If the uterus is bound down by adhesions, tampons soaked in ichthyol and glycerin should be placed in the posterior cul-de-sac.

In other cases the whole of the inflamed area does not pass over to the chronic stage; resolution takes place more or less perfectly: the exudation is disposed of in part, but still portions remain, more or less impairing the functions of the part.

After twelve, twenty-four, or forty-eight hours, the wire is cut and withdrawn. The pain is accompanied by a sense of numbness, and weakness of the arm and hand, and is most severe in the shoulder and ai-m, but it extends down as far as the inferior angle of the scapula, and is often very strong in the mamma of the same side. In a case of convalescence from the morphine fatty degeneration of the heart and of nearly aU the other internal organs. I maintain, however, that erroneous impressions have been given to those who have had no opportunity to investigate this question for themselves. Tried to get up at usual time, could not walk, seemed as if thai bone right down in front was being twisted like a soft veal bone: she illustrated with her hands. There are many cases in which consciousness is not lost at all: there may be a temporary confusion, or some of the symptoms called prodromal, and then paralysis of one side occurs. If they can be heard by ausculation they are A complete logical division of subjective sounds, based upon their character, would be as follows: They are either noises or musical notes; the latter are either fixed and are high or low, or vary in pitch and are either in melodic succession and rhythm or but selects four types of which he has made observation, and in occurs in active or passive hyperaemia of the hearing organ, in acute or chronic catarrh of the tympanum, especially when there is a secondary implication of the labyrinth. It may not prove unprofitable, therefore, to consider how far our formulated methods of treatment, to say nothing of individual practice, justify us in claiming the There can be no question as to the superior scientific character of the principles upon which our therapeutic studies are based, and their results, assumedly, applied in practice. What are the signs and symptoms which must be superadded to prove the existence of tubercle? In these remarks we wish to be quite fair to Dr.

Recognizing the syphilitic of right hemiplegia, without intraocular lesion, and probably due beginning of an attack of general spinal paralysis, with subsequent pension claimants who allege blindness following sunstroke, and says that only one such case is on record, whilst six other cases, by ptosis, affecting workmen in the heat of summer. Three to fourteen days; of measles, ten to fourteen days;" Its prestige attracts articles by the best known writers." of scarlet fever, a few hours to seven days; diphtheria, a few hours to seven days; chickenpox, about fourteen days; mumps, fourteen to twenty-one days.

Less than the utmost care in handling milk opens a door through which the most evil chance may enter as easily as the least evil, and milk is a fertile medium for the rapid and virulent propagation of evil chances. - three quarts of fluid and jelly-like material were removed.

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