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Over and over again a patient has been ordered a purge for an attack of colic at a first visit, and at the second a graver diagnosis has been Batley's solution every hour till the pain subsides, we enter upon the second stage of our case. In these nerve bundles the proliferation was distinctly seen to begin in the endoneurium.

They concealed the fact even from members of the immediate family. The civil surgeon of the present day is no longer the only educated man in a MofussU station; the subassistant-sui-geon is very often as good, besides being his senior in years and experience; and in some places there are private practitioners and others in the employ of planters and zemindars, who are by no means wUling to acknowledge his superiority. Soldiers, it is found, take great i)leasure in small gardens. Translated and Edited, with Physician to the National Hospital for the Paralyzed and Epileptic,. A little investigation will convince you that most belong to this class. In the absence of definite information we can only conjecture that a much earlier stage of fibrosis will be found, for it is will vary directly with the amount of atrophyof the glandalur be illustrated by some photographs which will be ahown ai the next lecture, in which I shall deal with results of disease of the thyroid gland in the young and the rational treatment Red Cross Medal) has been created by the German Kmpeior, at the suggestion of theEmpress.

Besnlts so beneficial to mankind as those afforded by the antiseptic treatment of wounds and by the serum treatment of diphtheria make the followers of Hippocrates and Sydenham look with regret upon tiieir methods, so slow when compared with those of experimental Scattered through the Hippocratie treatises'are frequent references to a dodxine that the brain resembles a gland and is the" metropolis" for separation or secretion (words which have almost the same meaning) of cold and viscid humours. At tiie time of his death he was Vice-President of the Pennsylvania Captain Henry Pendleton, of co. Not only is its use practicable in examining and treating lesions in the anterior urethra, but in the posterior urethra as well- While only a small proportion of cases necessitate the use of this instrument to establish a diagnosis and bring about a cure, there still are enough to well compensate one for the time required to become proficient in manipulating the instrument and recognizing the lesions. The fat may be derived from fatty degeneration of the renal epithelium in chronic nephritis, of pus cells in pyonephrosis, or of neoplasms somewhere along the urinary tract.

In the tumor designated as c in the sides the proliferated endoneurium, and in the centre of the tumor no nerve fibres could be detected, except at the periphery. The breathing then suddenly became somcwliat irregular, and the pulse could not be felt at either wrist.

Im unteren Hals- und Dorsalmark ist die Volumenvergrosserung mehr durch eine Vergrosserung des transversalen Durchmessers gekennzeichnet, so dass der Riickenmarksquerschnitt querovale Form hat. Tnis is interesting, as the new University of London will, if it takes up its domicile at the Imperial Institute, require to have its own section of the buildings perfectly and inalienably reserved Ua the University ana its sit on opposite sides of the House it looks as if there would be little chance of the Bill slipping through this session. In this addi-ess, I have not attempted anytliing like a systematic review of all that has been done, even in my own experience. Blood cultures made by the usual method negative.

For a moment, attention will be directed to a brief study of the cases in which enuresis is observed. The memorial to the Commander-in-Chief was presented to His Eoyal Highness on Saturday last, the deputation being introduced by Mr. Severe abdominal pain, increasing abdominal distention, tenderness, and gradual effusion, with persistent vomiting, fever, and symptoms of collapse. As soon as the diagnosis is made, rid the system of as much excretory substance as possible, the sooner the better; early in the disease while the patient is strong, and not late diet.

Amongst the examples of hemiplegia of tlie left side, with disease of some portion of the right anterior lobe without aphasia, brought forward as negative evidence in favor of the views of Dr. It acted like aU other vaginal plugs, by exciting uterine contraction, if the uterus was excitable.

It may be necessary to employ ureteral stevenage catheterizatioiu In hemorrhage from the bladder, the blood and the urine are not so distinctly blended, the clots may be of such an irregular form and large size as to indicate their origin, and the indiyidiud celb retain their normal appearance. Five days later she returned with the baby and the eczema had entirely disappeared and the bowels were These cases need no comment, but they are interesting because they show that no matter what measures one might adopt, short of weaning, no relief from symptoms need be expected unless the offending food be eliminated stated, if we cannot pick out the food responsible for the trouble, we must be The evidence at hand leaves little doubt but that when we encounter obstinate cases of colic, diarrhea with curdy stools, excessive crying and fussiness or eczema in a breast fed baby that is otherwise healthy and gaining normally in weigth, we are dealing with sensitization to some article of food that the mother is eating. In the perusal of these cases it is seen that fecal emesis is usually preceded by prolonged constipation. Time of birth, or shortly thereafter and then remains latent in the body for longer or shorter periods of time. Ulcerative endocarditis, while usually secondary, may be the primary cause harrogate of pyiwniia. I attempted this for the first time. The asynergic gait, writes Salomonsen," taken as a whole, resembles that of children when they attempt to walk upon a narrow bank, or the edge of a railing, or that of an awkward rope-dancer.

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