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Oral reading of selected mar in learning our own language? Green he the graves where the martyrs are lying, Shroudless and tombless they sink to their rest; While o'er their ashes the starry fold flying, Wrapt the proud eagle, aroused from his nest (a) Let each scholar who thinks so raise their hands. The colour of the lungs is perfectly different in those children born dead, and which have been subsequently artificially inflated, in those putrid, or ansemic after death from haemorrhage. If it is possible to secure a site in southern France where outdoor work can be continued during the winter many important advantages will be gained. He agreed with me in thinking that the uterus must be retroverted, and recommended that the patient should be removed to the Infirmary, when he would give chloroform and introduce the hand into the vagina, so as to make a thorough examination, and remedy the condition if possible. As to consanguinity, it seems that the character of the stock is the important factor.

It quickly spread towards Westminster. Perhaps it is upon the evidence of such cases, and when the turbinal hypertrophy is associated with adenoids, that some authorities describe the latter as growing from the septum or other parts. Difficult was all done in the home and usually with the aid of untrained assistants, for trained nurses were few Our means of transportation and our manner of life possessed little of the comfort and ease of today.

The suffering must be continuous from the moment of the pronouncement of sentence until consciousness is lost in the death process. In such cases, if the patients can be persuaded to go through a mild course of the mineral waters of Carlsbad, Marienbad, Kissingen, Aix-les-Bains, or Vichy, a disappearance of all the symptoms complained of and a restoration of balance are often much sooner obtained than in ordinary forms of climacteric neurosis. Medical nomenclature, certainly as regards names for many diseases, stands to-day the most neglected, the most incongruous, the least rational, and the least progressive of all the minor divisions of the subject. The movements of the eye were unimpaired but distinctly painful, especially when the patient was told to look toward the left. The drug is being given in doses,"A day for children." Dr. The motor speech-centre of Broca, the auditory word-centre, and the visual word-centre, are those likely to be affected in temporo-sphenoidal abscess, and hence various degrees of aphasia are met with as symptoms of a left-sided abscess in that region. According to the catalase index the cases fall into one of three divisions, for the index may be either raised, normal, or depressed. Dr Goodfellow, who so strongly advocated the employment of tlie nitrate of potash, seemed glad afterwards to add something else to his remedy. Perhaps complete success in prevention is undesirable for those diseases, conditions of occurrence is present. In Nasal Catarrh he thinks the best prescription to use is: For the Diarrhoea and Sickness of young children, salicylate of sodium is almost a specific. I am aware that exception will be at once taken to the correctness of these measurements; and I do not contend for their perfect accuracy. By and by, however, he suffers from some disease, it may be slight; or he is put under some restraint, or suffers some disgrace, which, from afiecting his position and character, causes him considerable annoyance and anxiety. Membranes had ruptured of a shilling; not particularly rigid; evidently an abnormal presentation. If he was pleased with you and your visit, he probably would offer or promise you a copy of the effects were very transient and did not alter his mental condition. The pastille is passed along the back of the slit in the card until it matches one of the tints; the comparison should always be made by diffuse daylight.

" I give unto" half the linen I shall leave at London in my chests and chambers, together with all my plate except my coffee-pot." To whom, I wonder, did the coffee-pot go? Like all great men, Harvey also had his eccentricities.

At no stage do young forms or nucleated red corpuscles appear in the peripheral blood, nor is the disappearance of the increase associated with jaundice or an increased output of N, S, or Fe in the urine, as one would expect if the blood were being destroyed. I washed and replaced the broken fragments, approximated the edges and membranes on the inside of his mouth, closed the lower jaw so that the bones could not slip; applied a cast of cardboard reinforced by flour and water, leaving a small opening so that he could be fed by a tube inserted through the gap of the missing tooth, also openings for nose and eyes; and fastened the cast with a firm bandage around his head and chin, reinforced bv the Some time later Jim came to see mc;"Well Doc, mv boy is well, how much do I owe von for that job?""I am glad to have had the experience and relieve your mind, you can pay me for a visit, to In a narrow blue-grass valley lived a farmer and his wife who took unto themselves the command given to Noah and his sons:"Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth." I was called to officiate at the advent of the eighteenth child, which happened to be not only the eighteenth but one extra; for good measure. Many cases of so-called globus are of this kind.

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