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Whether the alkali act by facilitating the absorption of the medicine, or by any specific action on the vessels of the bronchial membrane, we cannot reviews determine; but its effect in increasing the action of expectorants we have proved in a variety of examples. The dislocation was of the most usual form, that of the foot inward and of the two bones of the leg outward.

Its sole and persistent use is directly curative.

THE MORTALITY OF LOXDOM HOSPIT.YLS, show the necessity of great caution when we compare one Hospital with another situate within the limits of the same capital city, and a like caution iir comparing the Hospitals of one country, or diet of one capital city, with those of another. A woman nineteen years of age, was affected with an absolute deafness resulting from an otitis following upon scarlatina complicated with diphtheritic angina. The sputum is, of course, free from bacilli, is of a hemorrhagic nature, mostly red, but of a lighter red than ordinary bloody sputum, and not in any way resembling ordinary rusty-colored sputum. To the extension of the time for which consent to detention may be given, there can be no serious objection, provided proper safeguards are devised for insuring the discharge of the patient cured. If we add to healthy urine a few drops of any acid, and set it aside for some time, small red coloured crystals are deposited.

Then came the scourge; but it was anticipated here by the authorities:

He had been complaining for several days of general malaise.

Thb, I thought, might be a case of dbplacement of the ulnar interarticular cartilage, but I am more inclined to think that the injury at the magnesium wrbt b due to dbplacement of the lower end of the radius. He would like to know what should be the maximum. Exanthemata, treatise on the acute tous les pays, par Haryett Fau therapeutics, a handbook of, by Medical directory of New York, Medical News, pocket formula for Medicine, manual of the practice of, States, by Charles V. Sir Walter Scott was scarcely right in making his retort too general; for if medical opinions respecting the states of mind of persons who have departed this life must be forgiven until medical men can ensure the radical cure of diseases, not only will much valuable evidence respecting the validity of wills be excluded, but the science of pathology itself, depending upon the history of diseases and verified by observations made after death, must be interrupted until an event which seems impossible has taken place (

But there is a more serious thing: Indeed, I am free to own that such places, with candida their variety of situation and style, are among the pleasantest accessories to mountaineering in Central Japan. Temporary Hospitals are being erected everywhere, in town replacement-food-list and country. He states that the albuminoids may be found in the form of peptone in the exudation of pleurisy, pneumonia, and acute rheumatism, as THB CmcmNATI LANCST AMD CLDflC It is suggested that its appeftnuice in the urine is owing to a ferment-action analogous to that of the digestive ferments, and it is significant that diseases.

At all of the hospitals the nurses seem to be very proficient, and are as neat and clean as new pins. - moving forward, I found myself shortly within the precincts of the American department, where my attention was attracted a second time by a vast display of artificial teeth, and, lying pile-mile, in their immediate neighbourhood, immense quantities of artificial legs and arms. Note the amount of matter every week and SuBSCKxBBBS in corresponding with advertisers in the Lancbt and Clinic wiu fisvor the publisher by mentioning that the advertisement was seen in this joumaL Thb publisher uses the utmost care in ezdadinc advertisements of preparations of a doubtful character and fully consult the Advertising pages of this ioomal vhea desiring to correspond with STRICTLY FiRST-CLaSS Thb editor win be happy to receive early intetfigeaace of local events of general medical interest, or which k is deiirable to bring to the notice of the profession epidemic of smallpox in Cjlicinnati the health authorities of the city have amused themselvei and perhaps believed they were causing an abatement of the scourge by placarding houses in which the disease existed with flaming yellow ever, have been produced, as witnessed in tibe action of the Chamber of Commerce, when, during a recent session, this body of raerchasts THB CINCINNATI LANCBT AND CUNIC of Health to elect Dr (

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