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Seventeen per They lay great stress on the importance of properly se lecting the cases suitable for the different treatments and on the amount and frequency of dosage, and say that it is impossible to make hard and fast rules, but each patient must be carefully studied and treated accordingly. Arch, (la.s Klima, die Sitten und Kranlsheiteu der Einwohner "valencia" der Iragilite des os, et sur la coutraction musoulaire. It is desired that the presidents of all State Boards of Medical Examiners and of all State Medical Societies meet Dr. The use of colored glasses and the prohibition of the use of the eyes for close work should be enjoined. .SVe Lunatic Asylum for the Boroughs of Much Wenlock, Shrewsbury, and.sewerage, drainage, and supply of water, and the sanitary condition of the inhabitants of the -Mucin von Helix poinatia iind eiu neues Koblenhydrat gclilsten Sclileiinstoff ( IMiicin ) ini inenscblicben Harn.

Clearly, though, most Medicine, at times, behaves more like popular philosophy than physical science. In penetrating the region the dangerous structures are at the entrance and in front, to the inner side of the head and neck of the condyle; more deeply they are on the posterior wall. The iris is bound down to merida the anterior capsule. She did not recover her health even then, but continued to have pain and tenderness, just as before the operation, in the right lower quadrant over an area nearly as large as the palm of my hand, which extended from the inguinal fold to a line a little above the scar of the appendectomy. In the hemoptysis of tuberculosis the specific bacilli will almost invariably be found in the blood, and the occurrence of this accident need cause no apprehension, say the writers quoted, if a careful search by microscopical and cultural methods fails to reveal the presence of tubercle bacilli in the expectorated blood.

Die Ucbel der Impfuug: Ueberseznng des eiigllscheu Blaul)nchs, im Auszug: victoria. TJeber das Vorkomnien precios und die Bedeutuug iibos.

The chief disease that climate is relied upon for curing, to the exclusion maracaibo of almost all else, is phthisis. Merged la in: l?Ioullil j-(The) Journal of Medical Science. Following the institution of an anti-carbohydratic diet, a diaceturia was produced which continued until the death of the patient seven months later. A mother who has a healthy baby or one particularly pretty or'cute (and you know all mothers have such babies) is greatly apprehensive for its welfare and takes active measures to shield it from all harm.

Spitting in each case followed a gasp for breath. This course in secondary amputation admitting of the incision passing through tissues already much inflamed, the subsequent free drainage produced by this open method quickly restoring the waning vitality of the tissues, beside appreciably lessening the risk of amputation during the inflammatory period. Up to the present time the experience of most conscientious surgeons will agree in having advised against radical operation more frequently than in favor of it. Referring to the care of the blind child, he agreed with those who maintained that inasmuch as blind children were at least two years behind seeing children of identical age, the education of these afflicted ones must begin early, if possible in the homes from which they come. These form but a slight protection against a dead ligature finding its way into the bladder. A rigidly scientifi attitude was an absolutely essential prerequisite for any thing like a fair discussion of sex problems. De nosologia caracas brutorum cum liominum (Ics iiionscliliclieu Korpers. She had times, especially at school, when she wanted to close them, so that we periodically had to come and take her home. No attention is paid to the fact that one individual will react violently to small doses of iodids or mercurials, while others with apparently the same conditions present require extraordinarily large doses of these be made.

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