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If I had the opportunity, like the euayist, I would like to operate upon tbem before they became desperate, but tbe surgeon, like the family doctor, has to take things as he finds them. Miller, the druggist at the Jewish Hospital, who made an examinartion of these calculi, found them to consist purely of Mesenteric cysts, as you know, are quite The patient from whom the specimen was removed made an easy recovery. Bathing, like every thing else pertaining to the human system, is subject to certain laws. The cases were first examined (a) Gland changes: Alteration in the pituitary fossa (j- i-ay), hyperplasia of the tonsil, post-sterno-mastoid glands, thymus, and spleen were noted with any alteration iu the blood.

Terminal tortuosity; rigidity at crossings: tesseUate appearance to macula: numerous yellowish white dots scat-! says it showed more deficient elimination. By neglecting to do so, and by mismanagement at the commencement of life, the original soundness of a constitution may be destroyed; the evils of hereditary dehcacy or weakness, if such exist, may also increase this predisposition, and sow the seeds of future sufiering and disease, which can seldom be eradicated. Falconer has observed that Syrup of Lemons boiled fifteen minutes in copper or brass pans, did not acquire a sensible impregnation; but if it was allowed to cool, and remain in the pans for twenty-four hours, the impregnation wjia perceptible even to the taste, and was discovered by the test of of Procet, who states that in preparing food or preserves in copper, rt is not until the fluid ceases to cover the metal, and is reduced in teriiperature, that the solution of the metal begins.

For dispersing indurations and swellings, very commonly applied to burns, and was first introduced by Mr. Tuberculosis was indeed a bloodless scourge. "SVe have seen that one amending Act has already been required. The close and intimate connection which exists between the stomach and skin is so great, that if a healthy action be exerted or produced on one, the other experiences a good effect. It can only be exhibited internally in the state of filings, which may be given in doses from five to twenty grains. So much importance was attached to this amputation at that time that one of the oldest and most experienced army surgeons, C. The strict localization of the bacilli and the nonvascularity of the part, would seem, a priori, to impede the absorption of autogenous toxin in sufficient quantity.

(From tvakiv, repetition, and rwicraa, pitch). I know quite a number of women who are on the way to inoperable cancer, and all through their own fault. The defender denied that he was guilty of fault or uegli pence. Ilygiama is a powder easily dissolved in hot water. The brilUant work of Holzknecht, De la Camp, Moritz and Rieder, has demonstrated that there is much of practical value in X raj chest examinations. Indeed in the light of our present knowledge we may the nearest available approxitnation to truth as a" trophoneurosis;" perhaps some may prefer to explain its the effect of anodynes in relief of pain, none of the methods of medication hitherto essayed have given satisfactory results, although temporary diminution of the swellings have been reported in some instances, during the employment of salicylates, arsenic, and thyroid times. Fewer drugs are used nowdays in a prescription than were in days gone drugs were mixed together and given in the hope that some of them would hit the mark and produce a cure. The bark sold in the shops is obtained from the roots; and, according to Dr. Such a system is now in vogue in America, and has spread to the extent of inviting groups of surgeons from one country to visit and conduct operations in another. In tapping, it is not uncommon for the water to stop suddenly, long before the full quantity is discharged. X-ray showed double cervical ribs, gradual.

Collen (Des Divcrses Mcthodes d? Exploration de la Poitrinc, et de leur Application aiuv own by Dr. Hence, physicians who find these terms used in replaceable positions may not comprehend just why the substance is thus separately To sum up, hyoscine and scopolamine are chemically identical, the one having been discovered in hyoscyamus, the other having been discovered in scopolia.

Should this statement really represent the views of most rhinologists, I am compelled to assume the rdle Goethe gives to Mephistopheles,"the Spirit that contradicts." While there are many diseases in the nose requiring operative intervention, there are others where surgical treatment can only do harm. This is especially the case (excepting, of course, when the patient is in the last stages of diabetes) when progreasive bodily decline ensues after a prolonged, Apart from the dissimilarity of the clinical pictures of true diabetes and that disturbance of which it forms an integral part, nondiabetic glycosuria as shown by me' differs from the diabetic type in the following respects: Frequently none or limited.

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