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The external conjugate usually least must be allowed "" for the thickness of the bony and soft tissues. Their decision will establish a precedent of far-reaching significance.' For a long period of years it has been known that well-to-do people have been availing themselves of the free medical and surgical services provided at the University Clinic: Gentlemen of the American Association for the Advancement of Science: We are again met in the service of our high cause; after the unusual interval of two years, we have again come together at our appointed rendezvous to make each other glad with the tidings of truth which we bring from the Heavens and the Earth; and to re-animate our fainting zeal by the story of the successful search for the philosopher's stone, the true elixir vifce, the fruit of the tree of knowledge, and the footprint ofJHim of whom the earth is the footstool.

Records/mailrequests.htm - scott's counsel" did not dispute a temporary derangement, but considered that it had arisen only from drinking," and affirmed that at the present time he was sane and able to manage his affairs, in proof of which he called evidence to show that since his outbreak of admitted insanity he had been engaged in his profession as an architect, and had transacted business of a complicated nature with skill and success.

RauHf a constant excretion of irritating prodtacts by tlic kidney, and no doubt fretpiently cause granular atrophy and sclerosis of the organ. - the patient should avoid excitement and overfatigue, both mental and physical. Hess of New York says,"Unless the infection of young children is adequately guarded against, what basis is there for any hope of eradicating the disease in succeeding generations?" And he cuts the Gordian knot by advocating the establishment of tuberculosis preventoriums for infants. Then there is an exacerbation, with recurrence perhaps of rigors, with increase of heat, extending to the extremities, which may have remained till this time cold, calor mordax, dry and dark tongue. In view of the present uncertainty of the exact dividing line between normal and pathologic hypertrophy, especially of the left ventricle, these values may be considered to be sufficiently accurate to serve for the present:

Jeaffreson tells us that Ward' was so successfully puffed by Lord Chief Baron Reynolds and General for Churchill, that ho was called in to prescribe for the King. The swelling in the groin, arising from the common venereal sore, seldom requires any treatmelit; but if it should prove troublesome and painful, spirits of camphor may be applied, followed by fomentations and poultices. The methods for the examination of the organic nervous control have been given. James Tyson said that in his experience as a young man in dispensary service it was their practice in the treatment of cases including rheumatoid affections to give first iodide of potassium.

The proper management of cases of coma depends so largely upon our knowledge of the cause of the comatose state that it is necessary for us to have a comprehensive knowledge of the various symptoms of the coma that results from each of the numerous causes.

Suspension of Lectures at Geneva. Three months later remains in unusually good health without symptoms. Whether a book is still in copyright varies from "" country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed.

All this is however an old story, and the accusation, brought against the medical officers, and the question of the alleged failure of the Medical Department were fully thrashed out and disproved in our columns, from the evidence before Lord Morley's Committee, when the efficiency of the Medical Department; but it is very gratifying to note that both Colonel Stanley, who was Secretary of State for War during Lord Beaconsfield's Government, and the present Secretary of State, the Marquis of Hartington, admitted that" the charge of inefficiency and want of care brought against the medical officers had been entu-ely dropped, and they had come out of the inquiry, so to speak, with flying colours;" and that" it was conclusively proved by the investigation by Lord Morley's Committee that there was nothing which could be caUed a breakdown in the medical arrangements in Egypt." Lord Hartington admitted, of course, that" there had been a certain amount of inconvenience, a certain amoimt of haidship, and a certain amount of want of preparation at particular stages of the campaign;" but he said, as he has said before, and as we have all along contended, that it has been conclusively proved that such inconveniences and such failures as did occur were owing, not to any lack of duty or management on the part of the Medical Department, but either to the conditions of the campaign, or to the fact that there was a necessarily sudden military movement which made it impossible for the Department to be always so fuUy and efficiently ready as the medical officers desired, to perform all the duties It scarcely need be added that it was not denied that there was a failure in" the thorough organisation of the departments of supply to the Army." It is admitted on all hands that the organisation of the Army nursing was bad, and the cooking was bad.

As yet but one variety of the Treponema pallidnm has been demonstrated. Atque "rates" adeo Clemens Alexandrinus eum, cui alterius nomen desinere in CIM, alterius in CHIN." POTT.

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