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These are, sometimes abnormal buoyancy of spirits, sometimes mental depression, sometimes drowsiness, but most frequently a slight degree of the asthmatic state, manifesting itself by tendency to wheeze, constriction across the chest, sense of flatulence, alteration of carriage, and the like.

Anyone who may possess relevant factual information about an issue in litigation may be called as a fact witness. The editors of the New York State Journal of Medicine agree with the Rhode Island editor, and are anxious to obtain similar reports of actual Diuretic, Vasodilator and Heart Tonic continuous service and is equipped through its placement bureau to render prompt help to Physicians, Hospital Executives and Industrial Managers in need of competent registered nurses for positions of Superintendents of Hospitals and Physiotherapists We are prepared to furnish nurses for hourly appointments, or for treatment administration under Please mention the JOURNAL when writing to advertisers has the following editorial on to be allowed to treat patients in a public hospital in Seattle: is constructed and opend for the reception of patients, there ensues a clamor on the part of and their adherents for the opportunity of treating patients in accordance with their peculiar tenets and practices. For example, over-ripe or under-ripe fruits were avoided. Primary care services shall include those medical services which have been determined locally to be appropriate and feasible and shall be funded through the several sources available, such as federal or private health insurance, client fees, or from state Health Care Access Act authorized the Department million from the Public Medical Assistance Trust Fund to establish primary care for low-income persons a joint proposal as did Leon and Wakulla Counties) amount of funding. It seems to me to be about as probable that we could act upon the primitive iliacs or aorta by electricity as that we could influence vessels the size of the finger in this tumor. In such cases the tubercular process probably takes place in successive crops; and it is in them that post mortem we find intermingled, extensive tracts of indurated and contracted lung-tissue, encapsuled mortary or cretaceous masses, cavities with cicatrised parietes, and emphysema. This is not surprising at all because there was no former experience to be used as a guide.

There is, however, an intense and growing interest in the public and in various agencies of it to bring about more activity in solving the live problems both professional and economic, of preventive and curative medicine. I would, therefore, suggest that the chairmen of the standing committees be designated as a Committee on Activities and brought together several times during the year for the purpose of reviewing their plans and programs. Made inoculations into peptone solution which remained perfectly clear; a mount made from each one of the other tubes showed the cholera spirillum, and acid added to each one gave the cholera red reaction. Ashley: I would agree with Dr. A PLEA FOR EARLIER AND MORE PERMANENT TREATMENT OF THE WOUNDED ON AND Deputy Surgeon General, United States Army. The wound was bathed in hot water and salt, but otherwise the patient was not treated. It is the task of the physician to note the passage of a sad affective state into a condition of pathological depression. Kingsley Roberts of New York gave a The relation of clean hands to washing dishes seems to be a favorite bit of humor for the cartoonists, for this same joke in a slightly different form appeared in the New York Herald-Tribune New York State Journal of Medicine of sometimes arises as to what constitutes a good medical joke. Therapeutic agents was passed in West Virginia. Rare cases of reversible mental confusion, agitation, depression, and hallucinations have been reported, predominantly in severely ill elderly patients.

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