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The abdomen was closed with silkworm sutures and the operation was completed through the vagina. Callosities consist of low flat, horny elevations, of a rounded or irregular form; the condition of the cutis which they cover being either normal or slightly hyperaemic. When it arises from worms, they, of coiu'se, ap A protracted thirst may be supposed to be occasioned by dryness, or heat of the parts, by which liquids pass fi'om the mouth to the stomach; and the natural cm-e of dryness is sleep, and of heat, watching. The destruction of the facial nerve, during its cours' througn the canal of Fallopius in caries of the petrous bone, may be regarded as a prototype of this variety. Each doctor can thus retain his own attorney or accountant for his personal matters, thus not actually breaking up preexisting relations, while looking to the new advisors for important prerequisite for a successful group practice is that the doctors involved have a solid understanding and appreciation of how they are going to work together. Out of the twenty-four cases of patients with hair-balls, that are on record, twenty-three were females, the yoimgest being eighteen and the oldest thirtv-four years at the time of death. Epidermal necrolysis, urticaria, serum sickness, pruritus, exfolii tive dermatitis, anaphylactoid reactions, periorbital edema, coi junctival and scleral injection, photosensitization, arthralgia an allergic myocarditis.

The subject is carefully treated in every aspect, the etiology, pathological anatomy, physical signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and general and operative treatment being fully considered in a terse, but, at the same time, a clear and intelligent manner. The elaboration of antitoxins in the body of the infected animal was also promptly recognized and served to explain not only the self-limitation of many of the infective diseases, but it also helped us to understand the immunity which one attack of some of the bacterial diseases affords. Above all, we would urge that chiropractors be prohibited from treating children; children do not have the freedom to reject unscientific therapy that their parents may mistakenly turn to in a crisis.

A careful and realistic estimate of the cost per patient per annum at this level to emphasize that, even though the overall cost of venereal disease control will be substantially less as these diseases diminish in frequency in the population, the law of diminishing returns must be reckoned with. If it should happen to do so it will probably arouse various sentiments in their minds. In our patient there was a strong suspicion of a tuberculous lesion, on account of the preceding pneumonia with slow resolution, and because of tuberculosis in Lateral curvature has been observed in three cases, including the one described above. Those of a cold are, smallness of the veins, much "" phlegm, cold blood; the whole habit of the body colder than common, imless warmed by the heart; no hair on the hj-pochondriac regions, nor over the stomach. Under these conditions even large doses of tuberculin produced no systemic manifestations. Persons to whose senses alcohol and its accompanying ethers are grateful, may thus be able to digest food taken with alcohol better than they otherwise would, and some supporters of the narcotic action of alcohol believe that its effect in promoting sociability and" making glad the heart of man" may also predispose the individual to enjoy his food and thus indirectly accelerate its digestion. There should always be a suspicion of nephritis if there is a disproportionate amount of albumin in the urine. The symptom of the affection being of a cold nature is that there is no thirst, nor sensation of heat.

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