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Many English veterinarians regard the occurrence of more or less luxuriant vegetations on the valves of the heart to be so common that it is to be considered almost diagnostic.

To my mind it is perfectly clear this was a case of hemorrhagic malarial "" fever, with htematuria. Eepeat the dressing, and continue examining and re-dressing the foot every second day. Agglutination is the practical test and is almost as specific as that for bacteriolysis.

The feature of the following case is that two well marked stones in the left kidney were well borne, with little disturbance to the organ and its function, and that one of the stones was turned on its axis by the passage of the x ray ureteral catheter beyond it. Each slender contribution of experience shall be laid by like the miser's farthing; and if we enjoy not the fortune, our heirs assuredly will. The application of a styptic to divided arteries of animals, i-riment I have often repeated.

Reprecipitation of the biurate took place in two or three days. Sundar earned the degree of master of surgery at the University of Delhi, India.

Deliver from the abdomen first the inferior pole and then the superior pole. We be lieve that this may streamline the process, in addition to insuring that medical personnel are involved in decisions on the investigation of complaints.

(News release dated July Board found that Doctor Miller violated Wisconsin law and the Board's administrative code as a result of a judgment of conviction to the charge of conspiring to commit murder entered by the superior court of the State of California for the County of Riverside, Indio Court Branch. Remove leaned for many years, and he finds it necessary to harmonize himself all over again with a complex social organization. Geikie: If I had only seen this a fortnight before I would not only have been ready to go into it, but I would probably have been the very one to move that we go into Committee of the Whole. From statistical records the frequency of the disease appears to vary in different places. If the symptoms persist in spite of treatment, but the patient is under forty, the most probable diagnosis is chronic gastric catarrh; if the symptoms persist in spite of treatment in a patient over the age of forty the presence of malignant disease is exceedingly probable.

Then I insert a series of wires and catheters, using the principle of keeping access to the vein with the wire and inserting a larger catheter over the wire, and then removing the wire.

My investigations during others that errors of refraction can be cured by I have been engaged during the past three years in the physiological laboratory of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, New York, in a series of experiments on the eyes of ideas concerning the causes of errors of refraction are not correct.

Nikurs, Lydia Pamintuan, Rodolfo L. The first group will grow if a relatively large proportion of pus has been inoculated; introducing therewith a considerable number of leucocytes and the products of their decomposition. The data in Table v, therefore, are in part only approximate and are recorded simply for a comparison with the data obtained in a similar experiment, made later, the results of which are given in Table VI. The kidneys are occasionally the seat of extensive hemorrhagic changes. It is probable, therefore, though not yet certain, that the vomiting symptomatic of gastric irritation in many infective diseases is really of toxic origin. Attribution: The Los Angeles Times. In Guam, the natives separate the ulcerations about the lower extremities from the naso-pbaryngeal ones by designating the former cases llagosos and the latter gangosas.


In leprosy there may be pale tubercles or patches on the tongue and palate, which may ulcerate; the tongue may become anaesthetic. After four injections of neosalvarsan and twelve injections of the salicylate of mer syphilitic infection at periods varying from one to thirty years previously.

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