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This muscle constitutes the third layer between the lower jaw and os hyoides: Over this cloth were applied several layers of cotton batting, the patient sitting on her chair with the foot on a stool. We once again found great advantage in meeting with other states' delegates to discuss the resolutions, action to be taken, and better coverage of the reference committees. Give thanks for more: give thanks that God saw fit In saving men to let me help a bit I AN OMISSION FROM DOCTOR COPE'S that, unfortunately, there inadvertently was omitted an important sentence or paragraph from his article on nosebleed, as printed in our for plugging the nose, the article should have read as follows, which the reader may correct in his copy of Clinical Medicine:"Moisten a small pledget of cotton with vinegar, and push up into the nose; and at once take the remaining dry pledget an(f close the other nostril. Brian, Vice-president of Operations, MR. A secondary reason is, that the bright-red color of mail-wagons is surprisingly near invisible in a faint light and in a Farmers are proverbially independent and many have not yet quite abandoned their early antipathy to automobiles, nor have their horses become so universally blase as city horses. Dans les six mois qui out suivi le redressement.

Cooaidafmhla sloughing, and loss of cellular tissue above the pobca, tnTOfd been very extensive.

Radiation therapy is of great value, even in disseminated disease, as a palliative measure to hazardous sites, such as weight-bearing bone or vertebrae. Never undertake a treatment without boiling your syringe and area to be treated with soap and water and alcohol. Observe usual precautions in impaired renal or hepatic function. In the case before us, the fatal effects of the mutton on the deceased, a child only two years of age, and evidently at the time labouring under other disease, is an event which need not create surprise; although death took place more rapidly in An apparently strong objection to this being a case of meat poisoning consists in the fact, that other parts of the same sheep were eaten by other families, where there were young children; and yet, so far as Mr. Acute or severe asthmatic attacks may necessitate supplemental therapy with other drugs by inhalation or other parenteral routes. Imberbibus spicatis, taule erecto, herbaceo, siinplicissimu, foliis ovato lanceolatisy of Lirmseus. Roberts had said that the boy had been shot in the stomach. General peritonitis, with considerable bloody serous effusion into the cavity. It is the basis of the saline draught; it possesses nervine and sudorific properties; and is exhibited in rheiv matism, catarrh, and most febrile Ka'li "" pu'rum. The"spread" preparation is stained with suitable aniline-dyes and examined under the high power of the microscope.

Usually when such resistance is encountered, the bacteria are buried in the deep pockets of the tonsils, and tonsillectomy is required for their complete elimination.

But no tension: has had no sickness for the last few hours; and appears to be suffering from want of nourishment. The toxophor group plays no part in the agglutination. An affection of the eye, by which a person sees objects in an oblique manner, from distortion of the axis of vision. His father died, when he was eight years old, from an accident.

This gift was through the combined efforts of all state auxiliaries. If it is a woman, her sewing-machine (they use sewing-machines) must be broken up. Its value in osteoarthritis is especially noteworthy because this disorder responds inconsistently to steroids and is often resistant to salicylates.

Every thorough examination of the rectum includes a digital exploration, and thus the introduction of the fingers puts the sphincters on sufficient tension to disclose many important conditions.

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