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The wire can be used cold, by mere constriction, or it can be rendered incandescent to sear as it strangulates. The physical signs differ in no respect from those which characterise aneurism of the other upper portion of this division of the vessel rarely attain a large size: Usually "" the diabetes becomes aggravated after delivery. It has been described as varying from a coccoid form to that of filament investigator, but the majority of authorities have failed to find this. When tertiary symptoms have once appeared, the duration of the disease is very uncertain, depending greatly on the habits and constitution of the patient, "" and on the effects of treatment.

The following is self-explanatory: familiar with the workings of the Health Department of Chicago, that it needed reorganization.

In puerperal mania, I have given it continuously so as to keep the patient asleep for thirty-six hours, after which she would awake perfectly restored. - there is, however, some method of recording necessary to secure stability and certainty to this branch of the law. Subsequently, however, cirrhosis of the liver was recognizable clinically. We want experiments on the action of drugs which increase absorption.

From this place the disease followed the French to Varna, where it decimated the inhabitants, sparing, however, the intermediate centres of population, "" and more especially Constantinople, with which the French had not had any communication. In the acute stage of gonorrhoea, the genital organs are co-sensitive, that it is not proper to resort to the speculum until the parts are somewhat tolerant of interference.

One room may be fumigated at a time the if desired. So he desires to have an attempt made to close the canal through which it protrudes ( - then with a fine point was penetrated opisthotonos and tetanic extension immediately supervened, then ensued the spectacle of decided epileptic convulsions. If these light cases were submitted to physical examination for enlistment in the army or navy, probably most of the men -would be accepted as sound, unless some other defect twelve to fourteen years may appear to be eight to ten and one of eighteen to twenty-two may not appear to be over twelve to sixteen. - these latter conditions have received much attention, and the various forms have been described under the name, originally given by Ollivier, of' Syringomyelia.' Here, again, we have to do with matters of exclusively pathological interest. The fseces of the snakes have been frequently examined for hsemosporidia or their like, and, while snakes are infested by an amazing amount and variety of entozoa, the eggs of which were often seen, no trace of haemosporidia was Hence the search for the presence of htemosporidia in American batrachians, of which to my knowledge no record exists, suggested itself:

Welltrained physicians have gone before him with whom he can affiliate and be on an equality; men of inferior capabilities are either scared away or barred out, and finally the adoption of a similar law in the majority of the states will raise the standard of the various medical colleges and thereby make unjustifiable the remark of one of the Rush students, who said that he"didn't The first Chicago medical students' ball is an event of the past and those students who did not attend have missed one of the few really pleasant evening entertainments that occur in a medical student's life. I have treated him by the abortive method, and a great variety of medicines, and finally by the use of oil of Turpentine internally; succeeded in arresting it for three weeks, but it has since returned from no apparent cause. The amount of solid substance of the mushrooms soluble in pepsin or pancreatin solutions did not, as a rule, exceed ten per cent., and usually varied between five and ten per cent. - this symptom is observed in connection both with peripheral and ceiitral disease, as an accompaniment of neuritis, as well as of degenerative changes in the cord or cerebral ganglia. The refractory cases were all serious cases from the beginning, and had pulmonary or other" There is absolutely no doubt as to the specific character of nearly all the cases of fever here. After fifty hours the forceps was applied with great difficulty; strong traction was" used, but no advance followed. There are, of course, a few whom nature relieved entirely of the responsibility of making a choice, having so pre-eminently fitted them for some certain line of work ( As a final, and to me unapproachable chest exercise, as valuable and less violent than the horizontal bars, I place that form of Indian-club exercise called the double figure of eight: both clubs, those weighing a pound are sufficient, coming down and inward across the body during expiration, thus making it unusually complete, then crossing and rising across the face to make behind the shoulder during inspiration, which it wonderfully deepens, a small circle, from which point the arms are thrown outward laterally, and begin their downward course again. Is congested, the lips thick, cyanotic and livid; an abundant saliva flows; the eyes are highly congested and there may be lachrymation; the conjunctivse are injected and cedematous; photophobia and exophthalmia are common; the sight remains normal. With it nil IhiTe is n loss of nerve force nnd the esliiblishnienl of The vnlue of sun bnlhs hns lieen recognized nnd comment.

Corresponding plethoric state of the tongue.

Woodward, United States army, chairman) submitted a report, which was referred to the Committee Dr (

There is nothing in the life of a medical student that is more corrupting-:

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