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Physical Remedies Greenwood, William Osborne. The nerves were entirely separated from the tendons and ligaments. The merit of a metbodio repartition consists, as I tliink, in embracing as ftr as possible tbe totality of the materials of whicb science is composed at a given period, and presenting tbem in lucid order, so as to aid the memory and tbe judgment; but it is plain that such a plan must raiy with tlie different phases of science. I prefer Gouduillee's gag, and always in these cases of buccal surgery employ rectal ancBsthesia.

Flower-bearing, in reference either to an organ The act or process of flowering of plants; the Flo'r ins - S aint - An'dr e. For this purpose a definite group of symptoms and signs must be found whereby the disease may be recognised. More pressure is made laterally, and all dead space is prevented. Particularly in the treatment of fractures of the clavicle have brilliant results been obtained by the author, by means of a light bandage which left the part exposed for inspection, and massage. There are a few veterans in the field,, who lend honor and dignity to the profession. This solution must be kept in an amber colored bottle, away from the heat, sunlight, and water.

They frightened off those who might have patronized them in the beginning, by refusing to participate in neighborhood courtesies and civilities which are so necessary in becoming A ready tact in detecting quickly the symptoms of a case gives eclat to a physician. Ten years ago he noticed a falling off in his keenness of vision, and he had headaches. We know of no way that this can be more favorably influenced than by the maintenance of an adequate publicity and education program. These, it seems, are still living, and, acting upon the principle of leaven, have begun to ferment again. A small hook is passed under all the tissues and is then replaced by the operator's finger. That some such sequence does occur in a typical rigor, I shall demonstrate later. I have employed piano felting on either side of the bosse, over the iliac crests, along the free ribs where these protrude, and have bound these on with a cheese-cloth bandage after having secured these pads more firmly by means of a needle and thread. A temperature, mild and uniform, which dispenses in man to provide against sudden vicissitudes of the seasons; a soil, unbroken and fertile, from which he obtains, with but little labor, a sufficient alimentation; the use of food almost exclusively vegetable; a despotic government, under which the fortunes and the lives of the people are at the mercy of the caprices of the monarch, where advanoement depends on favor rather than on merit; civil and religious and ftflrign to each individual, from his birth, a rank oat of which it is impossible for him to move; all these oiroomstances appeared to the the philosopher of Cos, eminentlj calculated to enervate the physical constitution of the people, to blunt their intelligence, and extinguish their moral energy; while the opposite conditions, such as a temperature extremely variable, a broken soil, and a government surrounded by liberal institutions, seemed to him calculated to produce on the body and the mind, effects entirely contrary. Whitefoot, his intimate friend for thirty years, wrote of him,"He was parsimonious in nothing but his time, whereof he made as much improvement with as little loss as any man in it; when he had any to spare from his drudging practice, he was scarce patient of any diversion from his studies; so impatient of sloth and idleness that he would say he could not do nothing." Note that his practice was characterized as"drudging,"' yet he understood most of the European languages, the Latin and Greek critically. Peroxide hydrogen, Lysol or Irisol, Bichloride of mere, solution.

The last case of ligature sinus in my experience dates back more than To secure the best results with silk ligatures, certain definite principles must be followed. Bedsteads, with cranks to raise or lower a single limb, or the whole body, are common.

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