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On dissection, after death from another abscess, numerous organized adhesions were observed between the convolutions of the intestine and In connection with this subject of the treatment of perforative peritonitis, it may be well to remind you that this complication of fever, like the other secondary affections, varies in frequency according to the prevailing epidemic characters of the disease. Further, it may also be remarked that"Williams, in a similar way, attempted to connect certain cases of melancholy Riesel, in a most excellent work, has contended that we have to do with a lesion of the sympathetic nervous system which originates in the connection of this latter with the suprarenal capsules, an inflammatory process being set up in the connective tissue which surrounds the cells and fibres by such contact with these bodies, and that from the products of this inflammation there ensues (analogous to what occurs in the case of Goltz's Klopfversuch') a paralytic condition of the vaso-motor fibres of the sympathetic, and consequently an imperfect distribution of' The German title"Klopfversuch" is used in some of oar English text-books. Two cases of simultaneous paralj'sis of the facial nerve for the relief of spasm of the Galli (P. John Minor, of this city, is suggested for this purpose.

The pathologist has just given me a report of the microscopic examination of the kidneys in this case, in which he pronounces them to be in a state of granular degeneration ( If this supposed decussation be a fact, then the lower area of anesthesia might be due to an implication of its fibers in the lesion in the cervical region of the opposite side, as they ascend through the sensory tracts of that region. We should not, however, on this account entirely underestimate the importance of the obstruction of certain capillary districts by pigments. - but you notice, or you will notice hereafter, that in such cases the ulceration, instead of being limited to the edge of the nail, extends all around the matrix and sometimes to the sub-ungual dermis; also that the great toe is not alone affected, the others are attacked at the same time. Section in restraint of trade or commeree among the several shall monopolize or attempt to monopolize etc.," and THE JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SOCIPUT OF NP:W JERSEY charged in the complaint based on the same facts. To illustrate the manner of its use and its practical value, I will mention the prominent points in the following case: the condition of the fever had been accurately determined on the morning of the day a syringeful of a solution of hydrochlorate of quinine (twenty-five grains to the the same intensity. According to my experience, the action of the cinchona preparations in diseases of the spleen is made more effectual by applying at the same time cold water over this organ. The end of the tail (a piece about one-sixteenth of an inch in length).

The menstrual function has been regular until some time after the appearance of the first seizure. - schramm's wise remark, that an addition to our resources is always to be greeted with thanks.

And there is scarcely one of these various forms of degeneration i that has not, at one time or another, been found accompanied byj Brown-Sequard was the first to attack the physiological ques-j death, which was to be ascribed to serious interference with the" animal and vegetative functions. W.) Gastric ulcer in pregnancy and A case of chronic ulceration of the stomach complicated ulcfireuse avec adherences de I'estomac au lobe gauche transverse simulant la dilatation de I'estomac dans un Ein Fall von chronischem Magcngeschwiir mit todlicher a case which presented post mortem a chronic gastric Oiler (A.) La perforacion en las vllceras de estomago (W. The band- or tube-like firm masses, of which we are now speaking, cannot be drawn out into threads by stretching, but tear short off. He shall keep a card-index register of all the legal practitioners of the State by counties, noting on each his status in relation to his county society. Have obtained would certainly not have lasted, and therefore it was useless to expose the patient to the risks of chloroform. The motion required for the different teeth depends upon the shape and position of the roots.

I should, however, say that it was impossible for me to thoroughly appreciate the new anatomical condition of this contractile part; with the naked eye I saw that it was less red and less vascular than on the unaffected side, and M. Tbis cannula should be threaded in order to fit the screw tip of an ordinary large-size hypodermic syringe. Painful defecation asociated with profuse menstrual flow was the usual symptom. In this ground substance, aside from the Nissl bodies, very fine granules or nodule formations can be demonstrated which stain with erythrosin (Held), and in certain parts of the neurones these are arranged in rows, thus bringing the nerve cell into agreement with what has been observed in animal cells generally. Ichthyosis hystrix unilateralis, pigmented and unpigmented moles, and tinea tonsurans (four portraits) are also given in this fasciculus.

The ventro-lateral small celled area is continuous around the ventral border of the ventricle and onto its medial surface and this continuation represents the nucleus accumbens of higher cells just dorsal to the small celled area at the anterior of the hemisphere and laterally close to the nucleus of the lateral olfactory tract.

Sports medicine is the application of scientific information from the many branches of clinical medicine, dentistiy, basic and applied physiology, physical education, and other allied health sciences to the study and promotion of Sports medicine is not the exclusive domain of the medical profession.

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