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He expresses the opinion that with pelves above six centimetres, cranioclasis, after Braun's method, properly performed, should give a mortality of zero. An attack starts very suddenly without warning symptomsand it may cease just asabruptly. The left kidney was also affected in its superior border, and would probably have weighed one-half pound; but there were no indications that it had ever been invaded by the parasites.

In its inner aspect it was the movement of the soul of man towards liberty of mind and conscience, towards a fuller knowledge, a truer faith, a purer worship. In other words, are carriers justified in expecting a sympathetic rise of rates in accordance with a general jobs advance of commodity prices all along the line? We have for thirty years become used to a movement of railroad rates entirely independent of the course of prices, efficiency in operation being correlated with a reduced cost to the public. Frequently accidental attributes are regarded as essential and are accordingly made a part of the definition. This may take place through the preexisting normal anatomical canals or openings, like the optic foramen or the sphenoidal fissure, or by destruction of the roof of the orbit by caries, beginning, according to Perls, as an osteitis, and ending in meningitis and encephalitis. Our list of subscribers in Texas, now daily increasing, induces us to believe that the Medical profession of that rich portion of the South, is fully aroused and determined to keep pace with the progress of medicine. Broncho-pneumonia is very common and one of the most dangerous. All these are very palatable and very nutritious, and certainly a few of them should be found on every vessel carrying passengers Some individuals give up at once, and require medicinal treatment. The blood vessels and nerves spread and divide in them before entering the bone proper. Of all the tissues of the body, bone offers the greatest resistance to the action of the rays and, consequently, casts the greatest and most distinctly marked shadow and contrast. It is impossible to read without emotion the chapter entitled" The Moral Treatment of the Patient," The excellent man is there, with his noble bursts of instinctive tenderness, and we know not whether most to praise the learning which can comprehend with an assured glance the entire domain of disease, or the philosophy which understands the sufferings of his equals. On her return, recently, canal, simply by passing first a probe and then Peaslee's dilators, and inserted a tupelo tent, allowing it to remain about sixteen hours, and then a Greenhalgh's soft-rubber stem pessary. Many residents in Charles street are compelled to close their windows during the hot nights, to keep ont the stench, and we have been obliged to enjoin the same precaution to several of our patients. Bleeding, both internal and external, will occur.

So much of its energy is used in this direction that enormous quantities would be required to accomplish the desired end. It is the habitual resort to knowledge of this kind, to explain the economic situation, that gives english to this latest enterprise of the leader of the historical school its peculiar and striking character. Fie must be kept constantly under observation in case he should vomit, have fits or become restless and throw himself out of the unconscious position. She had passed two miserable years, and was willing to submit to anything which gave the least promise of relief. If the pregnancy passes the fourth month, it is almost certainly intraligamentous, abdominal, or ovarian, and will probably go to term, when false labor will occur, followed by the death of the foetus.

He undertakes never to waver or doubt; never to allow his mind to be shaken, whatever the weight of argument or evidence brought to bear upon him. He thought the habit was not increasing in this country in proportion to Dr. Cause a great rise in respiration rate.

Toward the close of the discussion, M. Gill, a veterinary surgeon of New York, dull and hides away, appears restless, is always on the move and prowling, whose countenance is somber and sullen, and who walks with his head down like a bear. Whilst we believe that it may generally be left to the conscience of the consulted physician to determine his course, we think that the welfare of the patient should be the paramount object in view; and if he, or his friends for him, decide that the change should be made, it is better that it should.

Two angular splints were knee and the seat of fracture; and a traction-weight of six pounds was applied to the leg. India affords a striking illustration of the fallacy of arguments drawn from climate. Upon examination, I found that the disease was again reduced to a small, healthy looking ulcer k upon the cervix uteri, and but little discharge from it. CORRESPONDENCE upon subjects of general or other publications sent us should bear the notice Fidelity Building, Charles and Lexington Streets.

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