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The walls shrivel, and the pustule losing its dome shape becomes flattened; after a time its walls rupture, and the dried contents and epidermis fall off together, exposing in some cases a raised, in others a flat, and sometimes a depressed, red, new epidermis. Or c Ho cord if not in The spectrum with its seven colors could never be inteqirctcd were it not for the fact that our rods and cones can respond to their various rates of vibration and fall into harmony with them.

The free venous bleeding was checked with a gauze pack, and the abdomen opened by a high incision; an attempt to pass a rubber constrictor over the great mass to its base was quickly abandoned as impracticable. The sudden appearance of urine rendered smoky by the presence of blood is due to definite nephritis. The frequency with which operations upon tuberculous disease of the ovaries and tubes result in primary or secondary fecal fistula is known. The pelvis is slightly raised by placing a blanket folded four times under the hips, which slightly increases the lateral curve of the spine ( I have not seen a day for more than fifty years, in which I might not have gone abroad, if it had been necessary; no sickness has ever prevented "forms" me. The diagnosis was confirmed by medical men well acquainted with the malady, and we mayaceept the case as conclusive. Permanent colostomy without removal of the growth has not unless actual obstruction is imminent. An incision was made into it, and a large quantity of gas and some fluids evacuated, sufficient to relieve the distention, and allow careful examination, which showed one complete turn of the sigmoid upon itself, from left to right, and a crowding of a considerable portion of the transverse colon into the right pelvic region. They will even at the present day well Liebermann in Vienna about this time advanced the view that the force of the blood acting through the lung capillaries caused dilatation of the air vesicles, and Hoggan, in a short but interesting article, claims priority by stating that he had advanced the same explanation some three or four years earlier.

In these cases, therefore, the presence of the scars of "" scrofulous glands in the neck, of a healed lesion at one or other apex of a lung, of tuberculous joint disease, or of tubercular epididymitis, is suggestive of tuberculosis. Fresh fruits, excepting bananas and strawberries, are seldom detrimental. There is prodaced, then, under the inflaence of the current which traverses and washes every corner of the pleural cavity, a disintegration of the pathological products which permits them to pass freely through an orifice too large to allow their exit in one piece. An operation was immediately performed, and over a quart of pus withdrawn.

The scope of their use as a life-saving instrument has been increased, but the forceps is two centuries old. Exudative choroiditis, with complete amaurosis of two weeks' duration, full of thread-worms; the other was filled with a cord of inspissated of the thyroid gland, with involvement of centaccount the sympathetic and recurrent on account of inability to swallow.

Tand for great principles, of vital interest to all physicians. Dysentery is not very common owing to the care exercised in diet and the general use of distilled or boiled water. The purpose of biopsy is to demonstrate the characteristic ova; the adults will usually not be obtained. Any attempt to draw a distinction between a relapse and a second attack is purely arbitrary. With his skin moist and "physicians" dewed with pretpiratkn. The writer cannot conclude this incomplete sketch of this most important, superbly organized, highly successful and enjoyable Congress without expressing his profound appreciation to Dr.

The disease was often encountered in the Philippines, especially among white men during the military occupation. Whether the electric current sets up waves of motion in the ether, as the Hertzian waves from a static machine or a high tension "" coil, or the production of vibrations which appear as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet or x-rays, does not maltmotion, every rate of vibration in d isea sed conditions is either indicated or contraiodicated. The patient loses flesh, he is restless and slightly feverish, the appetite is deficient, the bones and joints ache, and the hair becomes dry and thin. It is, however, not infrequently in the form of a nodule, which by treatment with acid shows concentric rings, as in a renal calculus (Schuppel).

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