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In seven patients who had had measles just before, some of whom still showed traces of the rash, examination of the blood gave negative results. McCrae was confined to her bed before her death about three weeks; had expressed the opinion that she could not recover; the clot was the immediate cause of her death. I resumed command of the force on ibmtsslon. Three one, that the spleen was ruptured; another, that the diaphragm was ruptured, and that the stomach had escaped through it into the chest; and a third, that the phrenic nerve was injured, and the left half of the diaphragm paralysed. - the crimes of women are generally due to emotional causes, as love, jealousy, hate, revenge, vanity, etc., because woman's emotional nature has been more highly developed. Particularly difficult to detect are cases of malingering or so-called feigned insanity, which often require prolonged watching and examination at an asylum before a definite conclusion can be reached. Granville, in his work on the mineral waters of Germany. The application of carbolic acid and iodine had no effect on the subcutaneous tissues. In the seriously toxic patients the treatnient is pushed even more vigorously with the addition one to three or more times daily, according to the needs injection of glucose solution a valuable therapeutic measure, but the rate of its absorption and storage by the liver is an index of liver eflficiency which is of prognostic value. AVe all know that sedatives may be applied in the shape of inhalants; what we want to know is how oxygen is to be introduced to cure tubercle of the lung, if tubercle is to be cured by that means. At the present time one-third to one-half of school children fail to move through schools at the the children are two years or more retarded, and The explanation is not to be secured through physical examination, despite the fact that numerous defects are discoverable. With linkedin the eyes closed the patient swayed, and would have fallen.

Between one and two years ago the left thumb was found to be involved in a morbid process resembling that first seen upon the leg, a process which by gradual extension from the site of original implication produced a reddish patch well defined in outline, with a bluish-red areola and a decidedly verrucous aspect covering the dorsal face of tlje left thumb quite as far as the nail border, and also the dorsal surface of the left hand to a point somewhat above the line of the wrist. At last year's meeting of this Association both Keen and Fowler presented interesting histories of cases in which the appendix had become adherent to the bladder, perforation having taken place. The only ferruginous spring to be noticed in this work, viz., one in the neighbourhood of Bagneres, proceeds from a soil containing very considerable quantities of amphibole and feldspath, while the sulphurous thermal waters well out from the primitive or granitic formations. The review of scientific proof of the connection between focal infections and systemic diseases had been published. This mathematical method cannot be vigorously applied to move or stay our hands in surgical intervention, but it seems fairly applicable in those cases in which general those classes of cases in which our average shortening of life may equal or exceed any increase we may induce: Special treatment of tuberculous ex-soldiers is also receiving special attention, and a feature is to be made of it. Lewers saw them to long and repeated edbrts at delivery; in all of them presumably (though the point was not alluded tO' in the paper) the child was dead. Each theory is based on assumptions rather than on proved facts, and each has been insisted on with equal positiveness and conviction of its truth; but neither can be said to have been at all generally accepted or to have met with any marked success.

I said that although no murmurs were present the lesion was probably an aortic stenosis or mitral regurgitation. This is not the only interesting biological relation between the two micro-organisms, for further study seems to show that the bacillus icteroides and aspergillus are affected in a very similar manner by meteorological conditions generally.

Frequently looked upon as a necessary consequence of the menstrual function, palliative measures in the shape of narcotics, stimulants (particularly alcoholics) are administered to the young as well as the adult female until habits of life are formed which often result in wrecked lives and fearful domestic Clinically the condition may be discussed under the and each variety may be complicated by acute or chronic disease of the tubes, ovaries, or uterus.


Sooner or later there The treatment must be directed "" to the cause. Dickson and Antitoxin of Bacillus Botulinus. Conversely, by the operative removal of these derangements, we have become enabled to remedy their evil consequences just referred to, which place the organ in serious jeopardy. But the main question after all is, Can this woman be cured? promised her that she shall be'made as good as new? Could her womb be released from the constant dragging of the vagina and the bladder, the cervix would undoubtedly shorten.

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