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A special label will be furnished for this purpose. The perfect accuracy of its diction will depend largely upon your answering the above questions with fidelity. Insofar as the properdin system is concerned, I feel that I am the wrong person to ask because I was never sure that there was such a thing, and I am even less sure now. These cases illustrate in a brief way the value of these examinations to the general practitioner ( Slowly philosophy was developed, and among the Greeks reached, in logic and ethics, a high degree of perfection.

In another group, showing at first ordinary symptoms of mustard gas poisoning, Pathology is unknown.

The disease often occurs after an operative procedure of some type, generally an intra-abdominal process; this patient had had urethral dilation. The laboratory findings were negative except for very mild anemia. Has seen actual nephritis existing and yet no sign of convulsions, REPORT OF COMMITTEE ON DISEASES OF CHILDREN. It was found that cleanliness depended both upon apparatus and proper methods of cleaning. Your memorialists submit that, the Penal Code, as pointed out above, provides for the punishment of all palpable shapes of physical injury that a husband might inflict upon his It has been said that the Penal Code, as it stands, ignores the distinction between the two classes of cases by making a husband guilty of rape by reason of intercourse with a girl-wife below ten years of age. Holmes Second Vice-President Edward A.

X-ray, anesthesiology, pathology, and some of the other specialties mentioned here are medical services. When it did it left him in a very weak condition, but as soon as he was able to walk he went to a friend's office, where he remained several hours. The coordination of the MEND program of the medical colleges with the civil defense program of the Medical Society of the State of New York is most welcome, since both are thereby strengthened. Their failure means extinction, cultural and Norman Levy, M.D., agreeing with Menninger, stated that every organism functions in an operational field of which it is one functional-structural node of focus. We believe that the foundation principle is a rational and practical mechanism for statewide peer review. The figures of the two epidemics will be much more nearly equal, if wo will recall that the complications, above noted, of last year were seen more frequently toward the end EAR AND SINUS COMPLICATIONS IN INFLUENZA-PNEUMONIA Mastoiditis occurred iu one case. I do not advocate making a specialist of a man who has not a broad foundation on which to rest, else he may dig so deep in the ground, while keeping in his own particular rut, as never to be able to see anything outside the furrow he has plowed; but I feel sure that the science of surgery is so comprehensive that he who would attain to the perfection of his art must devote himself to those parts of it which he would master, with such assiduous care as to compel him of necessity to leave other fields untouched. Thromboplastin Solution is useful when applied locally in the treatment of hemorrhage and especially hemorrhage from oozing surfaces, scar tissue, and nose, and in surgery of the bones, glands, surgery when direct application does not check the hemorrhage, the Thromboplastin Solution may be boiled and injected into the site of the bleeding. Thus, in respect of current, we have cases: and it has been thought better to shorten the time of exposure rather lessen the intensity In order to get a powerful light, it is most important that care should be taken that ( i ) the lenses, the water is clear and free from floating particles; ilic bottom lens should be thoroughly cleansed and polished every day, and this is greatly facilitated by having it made detachable. Ecthyma, contrary to experience in civil practice, is here very prevalent as is also Septic Ulcer. We have made, and will continue to make, recommendations for the streamlining of these procedures and, more importantly, ways of delivering decent health care to those children in the school systems who really Our graduates have received basic training in patient care techniques and medical office procedures; many have been personally MEDICAL ASPECTS OF SPORTS COMMITTEE The Committee on Medical Aspects of Sports reports that it is planning a one-day meeting on the Medical Aspects of Sports at one of the local hospitals or colleegs late this Fall. With bronchopany occurring between the seventh cervical and third dorsal, he considers as doubtful; the same occurring at or below the The significance of such findings as an aid to the diagnosis of early tuberculous infection lies in the fact that by far the most common cause of such bronchial lymph-node enlargement in early life is tuberculosis.

The wound is then irrigated with hot salt solution and the skin incisions are brought together by fine catgut sutures, using a fine round Mayo needle. Perhaps it would be hardly possible in a city so full of politics, for any association to hold a scientific meeting in Washington without getting a taste of these same politics. Progress in the duodenum for two or three days. The question in dispute may be briefly formulated as follows: Is itching a disease or a symptom? Does itching cause skin disease, or does skin disease cause itching? Thus stated, the question may recall the famous discussion of the or the chick? The point in dispute is. - the surface of the abdomen is covered with a surgical dressing, which extends down to the umbilicus and upward to just below the nipples.

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