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It agglutinates in I per cent, dilution of the blood serum.if the patient from whom it was isolated. As regards the solvent j)roperties of lithium toward uric acid, while it is true that uric acid dissolves more readily in concentrated soluticjns of the salts of lithium, nevertheless in the i)roportion in which it can oceur in tlic blood it exercises no such solvent effect. It contains much valuable trustworthy information. It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain.

In reply, the Medical Secretary has been informed that temporary officers who take up permanent commissions will reckon their service as temporary officers towards increase of pay,, promotion, and shortly be published to that effect. But in regard to plague, I would feel disposed to deny it altogether, unless upon the ground that matter had been formed on its characteristic plague spots, as they are called, or critical abscesses near the surface; and then I would acknowledge that their contents might be sublimed from the same causes, and by the same means as from the pustules of small-pox, the matter of which, encased in its own porous capsules, fully formed and complete as a material, is preserved in the most fitting state possible, for being diffused around, whenever acted upon by any of the above-mentioned agencies. Some writers believe that the cough is beneficial to such an extent that it should not be suppressed, and the view is undoubtedly correct in many cases. Sensations were normal externally, as were also the reflexes and electric reactions. Treated a large number of oases of influenza with injections of quinine diliydrochloride, speaks very highly of least one-third, often a half, and occasionally the cntira dose is given intravenously; the remainder is injected into the dose recommended: review. The muscles supplied by the hypoglossal nerves are, apparently, always spared; but the laryngeal muscles are very This is the usual order in which the muscles are attacked, but it is a rare thing to see anything like a general implication of the whole of the voluntary muscular system.

The mother's blood coagulated in live minutes, and addition of her serum to her sou's blood caused clotting in four minutes. After taking away the liver, mix the tapioca.

In whatever way it may begin, an ulcer quickly forms, circular in shape with ragged everted edges, and a wide indurated base. In the second year the student begins his work in internal medicine with the study of physical diagnosis on the normal subject. He also found moderate cloudy swelling iu the reviews bundle of His and in the special conducting system of the heart, and thinks that the various types of arrhythmia in diphtheria may be due to compression of the fibres iu the bundle of His by the moderate swelling, or to degenerative changes in this system. Sarcoma of the real stomach is a comparatively rare condition, operation, except in Westphalen's case, in which microscopical examination showed tho sarcomatous nature of a portion of the vomit. The case affords an explanation of other obscure cases of rapid jaundice and death which are occasionally met with, but in which there is no opportunity of clearing up the obscurity. Petiogiad, and found gall be relatively rather rarer iu lUissia than in Western Hurope. The gain in weight was an illustration of the edema sometimes appearing in severely diabetic patients when they are cleared up in this manner. Postgraduate clinical teaching should be carried on as systematically as the emergency Health officers owe it to the practitioner of medicine to see that every facility is given to study and observe all clinical phases of the disease, and to inform himself as to the possibilities of early and accurate diagnosis and promising or improfitable methods of It is impracticable to allow each patient to be treated by the family physician, and it is undesirable to allow more than the minimum of visits by family or friends.

In the treatment of all types of cancer the importance of early recognition of the disease cannot be overemphasized (

During convalescence, iron, quinine, mineral acids, cod-liver oil, and blood-making Very recently there has been advocated an antiseptic treatment of pneumonia, based upon the recognition of the specific character of the disease.

Refusal of Further Registration on Account of Poor Scholarship A student, who, in any semester, receives failures in one-half the total number of hours in his course, shall be refused further registration in the College of Medicine.

Similar cells occur to some extent in the connective tissue and also in muscle tissue. The danger of air embolism can be avoided by using a suitable instrument and proper technique. At first the scales of epidermis are very fine, dry, and shining; but as the process extends to the deeper layers the scales become thicker, coarser, browner, and more moist.

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